astrology signs

What is the most powerful sign combining Chinese and western astrology signs?

Like a Pig-Capricorn…or a Dragon Libra …these are just examples.But you decide which one is powerful in romance, career, creativity and so on…
Next….List your own western and chinese sign and do you think you see the two qualities of your nature.
…that’s is why you suppose to google it…

Answer by *Dirty Diana*
hmmmmmm i’m a Monkey Cancer but i’d have to say a Dragon Leo is definately the most powerful in my opinion.

Answer by ♺Recyclable_Condom♺
I have no idea… But I’m a Pig Pisces. 😀

Answer by spin__spin
Im a tiger-sag. Not sure what the traits include. But I’m very aggressive and goal-oriented.

My friend is a rabbit-capricorn and he’s so driven by living the “white picket fence” life. Very career-driven and family-oriented.

My dad is a rat-leo. He’s very selfish and stubborn. Everything he does seems to be self motivated. But he’s loyal and romantic too.

astrology signs
astrology signs

How are there 12 Astrology signs and 9 planets?

how is this possible if each sign has its own planet?

Answer by LMF_Eddie
I think the Moon and Sun count but i dunno wher the 12th comes from

Answer by freakyDestiny ♥
Because if you add 12 + 9 together, it’s 21.

The stars and comets and stuff play a roll in it too


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