What does these astrological signs deal with how I am in relationships?

Well, I was born on April 20, 1989 and I am a Aries/Taurus cusp. My moon is in Libra, my Mars is in Gemini and my Venus is in Taurus. I also have a Ascendant in Leo if it has to do with anything. But I am just curious, how does the planets in my chart has to do with love or my personality?

Answer by Randy

Answer by Starlight
First of all, you can only be one Sun sign, the sun is never in more than one sign at a time, it is impossible. When you are born on a cusp day, you need to know the correct time and place of birth to know what sign the Sun occupied at the time. If your rising sign (ascendant) is Leo, then that means you were most likely born in the afternoon (if you were born in the western hemisphere) and therefore the Sun would have been at 00 degrees Taurus, which makes you a Taurus.

It is hard to say for sure without looking at your complete chart, but with Leo rising, you most likely have Aquarius ruling your 7th house which means that a natural attraction would tend to occur with Aquarius people. That is, someone who is a good communicator, likes to be social yet remains somewhat detached in order to see the bigger picture and someone who isn’t afraid to be a little different and try new things. Aquarius would work well with your Libra Moon and your Mars in Gemini too!

A side note: Mars tends to show what we find attractive in men while Venus shows what we find attractive in women. This isn’t necessarily the sexual attraction, but simply what we find most appealing when it comes to traditional male/female roles.

The best matches for you would most likely be:

1. Capricorn or Virgo Sun with some Aquarius planets (or rising sign)
2. Aquarius Sun with some Capricorn or Virgo planets (or rising sign)

I hope that helps!

astrological signs

What do our astrological signs mean?

I’ve seen special characteristics given to the people with certain signs. Do you think they mean anything or is it all fake?

Answer by Big and Tasty
it’s as fake as Pamela Anderson’s breasts

Answer by I guess I’m a Fairy
Astrology is fascinating! But it has a lot more to do than your sun sign. It’s best to look at your birthchart which will reveal how all the planets reside there and the effect it will have on your life, destiny and personality. If I am correct, astrology is older than religion and it’s still around! Many prophets used the planets, the moon and the stars as their guides, Nostradamus being one. Fascinating, huh?

Answer by Ben Dover
Nothing. It’s complete and total BS.

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Do you believe that there is really a correlation between love and astrological signs?

Like is it 100% true that sign a is compatible with sign b and that relationships wont work if your partner has an incompatible sign, the relationship wont work at all?

Answer by ♚вσѕтσи gємιиι™ ♂ ♀
No i think that that is a bunch of made up craziness lol.