astrology signs

What do think about the radical change of the astrology signs?

I do not see myself as a Virgo

Answer by rkbtoo
really dont care i dont follow that crap anyway

Answer by sanjay abu
Ur still a libra, we follow the tropical zodiac, not sidereal.

Answer by Been There
There is NO radical change.

For Western astrologers, we use the Tropical zodiac which never changes. Business as usual, Mr. Libra.

For Vedic (East Indian) astrologers, they use a different zodiac system, the Sidereal zodiac, and THEY have been keeping up with the changes through the centuries … the Sidereal zodiac is always changing very slowly (about 1 degree every 72 years, or one sign every 2,160 years). In their system, they have been calling you a “Virgo” all your life.

Somebody, who didn’t know this, heard of it and freaked out … oooooo … whole world turned upside down. Idiot.
Must’ve been a slow news day at the editor’s desk!

astrology signs

Are you a go-getter or laid back when it comes to assignments and what is your astrology signs?


What depths do you go if you are a go-getter at work or when assignments are given to you? e.g. miss days of work,/ education dedicate a week to finishing or gathering information.

AND IF…you are laid back

Do you just chill, go out and still party…or leave things to last minute or do things accordingly?

Answer by Shereee
I’m a go getter…I can’t stand to let things pile up on me. I often do assignments way ahead of time.

Libra(sun), Taurus(rising, and Leo(moon).

Answer by Moondie
depends on how interested I am in the subject. If I am very interested then I’m to the point of obsession. If I’m not that interested then I’m chilling and waiting until my concience gets the best of me and I drive myself nuts and finally do it to get it off my mind!


Answer by Bryan ~Nice Vibe~
I do my work first but I love to lay back once in a while also…so yea (depends on how I feel)

Sign- cancer

astrology signs

Can incompatible signs (Astrology) work out in the long run?

In terms of dating, is it smart to be cautious when starting to date someone whose incompatible with your sign. Or is the notion of “opposites attract” actually true?

Examples of incompatible signs:
Scorpio – Leo
Libra – Capricorn
Taurus – Aquarius
Gemini – Virgo
etc., etc., etc.,

Any real life experiences or advice is welcome!

Answer by ashanti
They can in the long run but it will get rocky !

Answer by F R I E Z A
Nice smile.

Answer by Satyasya
Oh dear. You do know astrology is nonsense. Please, don’t live your life by this bull-crap.

If you want to know why, email me or something. I can’t type it all out.

Briefly though, there was an experiment over all of London (in association with Richard Dawkins) which gave thousands of people a generic ‘star sign’ personality description that was said to be theirs at the time (it wasn’t) and even though they all had different star signs, they thought it was them.

See? Star sign stuff is all generic, vague crap.

Also, the astrological model is based on the ‘sky’ from hundreds or even thousands of years ago. There are ‘planets’ in astrology that are not actually planets, and there are planets that do not appear in the astrological model, why? Because they weren’t discovered at the time astrology was trying to piece itself together.

Please abandon this bullshit.