astrology signs

What do these astrology signs represent?

Sun? Moon? Rising; I know the looks.

Mercury? Mars? Lilith?

What does all that represent?

Answer by FaireMaiden
Sun = Ego Expression

Moon = Security Needs

Rising = How the Sun gets fulfilled

Mercury = Mentation

Mars = Gumption

Lilith = Major adversity

Answer by Bangie X )
Your Sun Sign is like your soul, it’s who you are in your core.
Your Moon is your emotions and your subconscious.
Mercury is the way you think and communicate.
Mars is your actions (sex drive, ambition, motivation, vitality)
And Lilith is like your evil twin. I don’t really know how to explain it. It’s like the little voice in your head always being your critic. Sometimes this “twin” can even express itself, and not in a good manner.

You got the looks part down for the rising. It’s like the mask you wear. It’s how other people see you and your first reactions to your surroundings.

astrology signs

how do these astrology signs work together?

my sun sign is Aquarius my rising sign is Gemini What does that really mean how do the two signs work together or mesh together?
cause when I read about my sun sign some off it is true about myself and when I read about my rising sign some of that is true about myself, so how do the two signs mesh to make everything whole sorry if this question is hard to understand but I am serious I would really like to know.

Answer by varshini78
these 2 are air signs so you r maybe social type person, loves to go to parties, meet different people, have conversation about the world.

Not much emotion but you have to check your moon and mars signs for that.

Answer by sevenzero72
gemini and aquariuss i think they go good togehter.