astrology signs

What Astrology Signs are your Venus & Mars placed in and which houses as well IF you know them?

Any details about how you feel about this placement are of course helpful…….Remember there are NO wrong answers!

Please if you will list your Sun/Moon/Asc.

Thanks in Advance!


Answer by Girl next door
this is a cool question my venus is placed in cancer and mars in Leo… im very protective and possessive caring and dedicated to any relationships i had… i always seek for emotional bond rather than jus physical attraction… but leo in mars totally changes the picture… i generally get attracted and attract somany around me… and i jus love attention… i dont show it nor i act weird to get attention but when i gets it i get obsessed and love it… i have strong attractions towards men… and i have kinda quick arousals too…

Answer by Magical Purple Sock ๐Ÿ™‚
Venus- Scorpio, Mars- Aries
Venus is in House VIII
Mars is in House I ( or Ascendant/Rising Sun )
I’m also a Sagittarius sun/ Aqua rising/ Leo moon

I would not say I’m exactly like a Scorpio Venus. I can be jealous at times but jealousy is not one of my character traits. If I am deceived, I will become bitter. I can be controlling but I’m just a controlling person.

I have a bad temper. A really, really bad temper because of my Aries Mars ( and other placements too but I’m too lazy to write it down ).

Mas is also in my First House. ( Also bad temper ). It is also my dominant planet and one thing said Aries was my dominant sign.

Answer by * darksongbird *
Sun – Taurus
Moon – Virgo
Ascendant – Leo
Venus – Aries
Mars – Gemini

I don’t know what some of it means like Mars in Gemini but meh. It’s interesting stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

astrology signs

What are the three best signs in astrology for one person to have?

I asked this earlier and some of you didn’t know what I ment I ‘ll explain now . In astrology you have a birth chart on this birth chart you have a sun sign, a moon sign and a rising sign. I am a Virgo rising, a Taurus sun and a Pisces moon I am all three signs. No one has just one sign this is why alot of people do not act how there (horoscopes ) say they should. In astrology you learn this.

Answer by jan m
i thought that’s what you meant but the question was removed before i could finish my answer. thanks for clarifying.

Answer by cookie_aprilgirls
They say saggitarius are like all the signs combined

Answer by chilicooker_mkb
All I know is that I’m a Leo. Maybe you can tell me what my other 2 signs are. Old man. Birthday is 08-17-44. I married a “Virgo”. It lasted 13 years. Maybe we weren’t compatible.

astrology signs

Do you believe in horoscopes and love compatibility based on astrology signs? Why/why not?

I mean it’s not like there is ANY proof it’s true.

Answer by Battz
No, because they made it up.

Answer by John H
Well not really in any magical sense, but I believe people might have more things in common in they were born the same time because there minds and body would have more similar formations. that is kids born in winter will start having their first long lasting memories at about 4 and half which would mean there early memories were formed in the summer so they might have a differnt outlook on life or might like the heat more etc.

Answer by FangsGirl
I guess it depends..for me…no! like you said there is no proof..
but if it works for you then best of wishes! ( the losers that do believe got stuck with who ever the under-payed 50 year old vergion sticks them with!) To much like god and all that stuff!