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What Astrological Signs have the Most Attractive Females?

I’ve read on it and which signs have the most sex appeal? They attract alot of guys with their looks?! In your opinion which signs have the most attractive looking females? And why would you think that? I am talking about looks not personality. So yeah…

What is your astrological sign and your sex?

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Answer by Tucker Jamil

Answer by sar*<3
I am only attracted to guys so I don’t know but I think Scorpio and Aries girls are hot haha=]

Answer by Nelly
Gemini! With people like Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman, Anna Kournikova, Elizabeth Hurley, Kylie Minouge, Paula Abdul, Angelina Jolie and the list goes on and on and on………

astrological signs

What are the main astrological signs of a person?

I want to know more about myself and my astrological signs but I’m not sure which ones are important. I’ve already gotten my sun sign, moon, rising, Venus, mars, and mercury. Is there more??

Answer by mhiaa
Midheaven. Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, North and South Node, Part of Fortune.

Answer by J
There are more. But, if you want to know the important ones, you listed them right there. I’ve always thought (in my experience) that the sun, moon, and rising are the most telling of a person.

Answer by Luving Lolita
minkar, orionis, sculptoris, cephei, piscium
but thats only REALLLLLY deep into astrology.

they only determine subtleties of the mind, nothing major.

astrological signs

Our astrological signs are opposites, could it still work?

So my boyfriend and I love eachother but I looked up our astrological signs, Leo and a scorpio, and found they are complete opposites. Everything I’ve read says were dangerous for eachother! I know I might be being paranoid but should I listen to the whole birth sign thing?? Thanks so much!!

Answer by ~Aiden’s~Mama~06/23/2010~
me and my husband are opposites and we have been together for over 4 years, hardly ever argue. if you love this guy, dont let that get it in the way. you wouldnt want to lose a great thing because of some astrology

Answer by cathrl69
I suspect any relationship where one partner bases her opinions on superstitious claptrap is more likely to fail.

Answer by Don’t mess with teh Sagittarius!
Two words: Opposites Attract!


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