astrology zodiac signs

What are the MOST compatible zodiac signs on the astrology chart?

Like what relationships would work the best and why??

Answer by emma
If you go to you can see all the signs and their relationships to other signs. You can also see physical and personality aspects of each sign generally, in their work environment, and in their home environment. It’s actually a really cool website.

Answer by T B Raghavendran
The signs that’re 5th, 7th and 9th from that of yours.

astrology zodiac signs

What do you know about zodiac signs? calling all astrology nerds?

I’m a pisces and almost everything I’ve read about the pisces is like scary true about me. I don’t really beleive too much in zodiac signs, it’s just kind of my topic of interest right now:) And also whats the pisces like “soulmate” sign or compadible sign or whatever it’s called?? THanksss 🙂

Answer by Lilliee !
tht im th rat

Answer by vasuastro
Count by your sign to 2nd,5th,10th,11th, sign is good for soulmet

Answer by Lindela Tavari
You can’t know everything about yourself based solely on your Sun sign- (the sign you were born under, the one that was in the sun at the time you were born) you have to look at what signs fall in other planets as well. I know this is confusing so I will try to explain- bear with me

For example:

I have Scorpio as my Sun sign, you have Pisces as yours; therefore one would think we would be exact copies of these sign traits: I would be controlling, domineering and power-hungry, and you would be dreamy, wishy-washy, and contradictory. However, not everything you read about this sign perfectly matches who you are does it? And this is the way it should be; if people were only categorized into twelve stereotypes, many people would be the same. Instead, other planets come into play:

Each planet rules a certain influence on your chart. For example:
Venus rules the heart- the sign that was in venus at the time of your birth will influence the way you love, and what types of people you are attracted to. It is the planet of love.
So therefore if I, a Scorpio, had say the sign Sagittarius in Venus, I would not love the same as a Scorpio who had Venus in Scorpio. Instead of being obsessive, passionate, and secretive in love, I would be free-flowing, adventurous, and competitive.
So, now you can see how these signs in planets effect your personality ( your sun sign) So that in essence you are not exactly a clone of your Sun sign.

All the planets play a role in defining your personality, but the main ones who tell you who you are and how you react to people are:

Sun: The sign you were born under, the ‘ruling’ sign, your inner ego

Moon: the sign that was in the moon at the time you were born, The moon represents our inner self.

Rising sign: Your Sun sign is modified by your rising sign; the sign that was on the horizon the minute you were born. If the Sun sign is your ego, the rising gives you your public manners. It is the way you would like others to perceive you, the painted smile behind which is the real you.

Venus: planet of love, your conducting of romance and how you view it, and how harmoniously you blend in with the rest of the world.

Mars: the sign that was in mars at the moment of your birth; just how confrontational and aggressive you are depends on which area Mars shows up in your chart.

The placements of planets in these signs help to explain why Pisces, born only days (or hours) apart, control their environments in completely different ways.

As for a soul mate, there are the stereotypical matches that you can look up, but it really has to do with how compatible most of the planets are to each other in each persons chart.

If you would like to get your chart calculated for you, with all your planets in their signs, you can do so here: and it will explain what each placing means for you. All you need to know is your birthday, year, time you were born and where you were born.

I hope this helps you! I always look forward to helping newcomers in astrology, you can learn so much about someone! Happy studying!

astrology zodiac signs

Which Zodiac Signs the Most obsessed with astrology Signs?

Answer by peaches
Tauruses are

Answer by bamf

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