What are some links to some creepishly accurate horoscopes?

Like ones that are really accurate and not corny.

Answer by geekdork62
This site is pretty good

Answer by ♥Tashy♥
Hiii there!

I have found this site has the most acurate descriptions of all signs!


So hope this helps… :o)


How much did horoscopes play a role in your love match?

Was it a factor, or not?

Answer by lala
No role in my love match

Answer by Happy
it just warned me dating a leo would be tough and would involve a lot of hot fights…
but apart from that not really.
I really can’t go around saying oh all leos are the same.
Cause that’s not true.

so not much

Answer by Atoot Astro
Horoscope’s or Birth charts reveal loads of Information encoded within your name and date, time and place of your birth.

Vedic Astrology is not about just predictions but it also gives people a chance to Adapt themselves to change as seen by the Expert Astrologer in Birth chart or Horoscope Due to Change in his Dasa or Planetary Transits.

You can get your kundali made and get predictions for marriage and love here:



What is the best online site for daily horoscopes?

Which sites do you use? Which are the most accurate?

Answer by Elijah F Gothic Fashionisto
http://www.astro.com/ if you do an entire chart the daily horoscopes can be okay but I normally don’t try astrology for horoscopes so I rarely look at mine to know how accurate they are… but when I do that is the site I use.

Answer by Denny Crane
You are the best source for your daily choices. No website can make life decisions for you.
Every choice you make has a positive or negative consequence, but you alone make your path.

Answer by RUBYBOOBY…..
i like california psychics .com!!!! i use & read it everyday!!!!!! & i would say 90% of the time it is accurate!!!!!! they send my horoscope to my google homepage everyday!!! & it is fffffrrrreeee!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!


most accurate horoscopes;