What are cancer horoscopes sun good luck day?

Aries is Tuesday, my sign, my friend is a Cancer and wants to know what good day his is?

Answer by Effelump
Monday, the day of the Moon.


How can astrologists possibly infer aesthetic beauty through horoscopes?

I was mildly affronted when a friend told me that Capricorns tend to be unattractive, she was however, unbeknownst of my sun sign. I always thought astrology was a bit on the uncouth side, but hadn’t really paid attention. Now my curiosity is piqued.

So is it true, then? Do people genuinely believe that physical characteristics can be determined by your sun or moon or planet or whatever signs? And who decides/how is it interpreted which sign gets what fragment off the beauty scale?

Answer by GibBas
No, absolutely not; that’s what gives astrology a bad name, or is part of the reason.
Edit: gees! look at the rest of the questions on here at the moment! See what I mean?

Answer by ScorpiusOne
I study serious astrology (not Sun Sign horoscopes) and my astrology group has been studying facial recognition based on signs. Although I don’t personally believe that clear-cut, specific definitions can be assigned to any sign (too much genetics involved), there is scientific evidence that time of birth does affect certain physical characteristics as well as personal preferences and career choices. Recently, a study has found that the birth month of a child apparently affects the kind of career that they follow. See http://topnews.ae/content/28945-birth-mo…If the link doesn’t work, just Google Birth Month Determines Babys Career or something similar and it will show up.

A neuroscientist from Oxford, although he won’t admit to believing in astrology stated: “It seems absurd the month in which you are born can affect life chances, BUT how long you live, how tall you are, how well you do at school, your body mass index as an adult, your morning-versus-evening preference and how likely you are to develop a range of diseases are all correlated to some extent with the time of year in which you emerge from the womb.” Scientists are now just looking at the effects that the energy of the Sun has upon the development of a child while in the womb

But aesthetic beauty – tell your friend that there are so-called attractive and unattractive people in every sign. She shouldn’t be generalizing like that.

Answer by Alexandre Condeças
Well, I once read that there are 2 types of Capricorns:

The type one tends to be shy and sometimes a little unattractive, but excelent people as well!

The type two tends to be more extrovert and energic and more attractive, but they can be sometimes annoying ( they’re amazing as well ! )

But there are other aspects such as the moon, the other planets and the sign that was “rising” that changes people’s look and behavior, not only the sun sign 😉

P.S- I have a Capricorn friend ( one of my best friends ) and he is very handsome 😀


Has there been scientific studies proving peoples’ horoscopes?

I have only been into this for a few days. I am a Pisces and everyday it nails what goes on and what I’m pursuing in my life. Is there any statistical data proving the info given out daily? I’ve noticed some sites/apps on my phone show different horoscopes than others.. Is there an OFFICIAL horoscope site?

Answer by Fearless Leader
Sure. People have spent money on testing. Understand though, astrology itself is belief based and there is no way to test beliefs. However, any claims astrology makes are fully testable. Not one claim has shown to do better than random chance.

Possibly the most detailed test of astrology using this type of method, was performed by Shawn Carlson. His paper, “A Double-blind Test of Astrology”, was published in the peer reviewed scientific journal Nature, in 1985. The interesting thing is that the San Francisco chapter of the National Council for Geocosmic Research recommended the 28 professional astrologers who took part, and (with Carlson), designed the tests. They also predicted, in advance, what they would consider to be a successful test. See the link.

Edit: Also you did notice the contradictions and lack of consistency. There are thousands of horoscopes in print and online. None will be the same and if you look hard enough, there will be some that seem to fit. But for one twelfth of the world? No matter where you live? An executive in Chicago will have the same day as a farmer in Thailand?

Edit: As always the best way to prove a point is use celebrities. That will settle the matter, scientifically.

Edit: The test at the link was done by professional astrologers, so they had entire charts. Not just sun signs. Why can’t anyone accept astrology failing.

Answer by Caroline Widdop
I study psychology and your belief in horoscopes may be due to you misjudging probability or not understanding the law of truly large numbers. To you, your horoscope may seem correct, however you must realise everybody is given the same horoscope, also different types of media use different horoscopes. Yours being ‘correct’ may be due to chance. The law of truly large numbers applies here because on the planet there are billions of people therefore this can cause the unlikely to become likely. Also, if you believe in a horoscope you are likely to think as hard as you can as to where it fits in your life.
This is just one explanation and may not be entirely correct, however, scientifically, it makes sense. Even though I understand this I still read my horoscope.

Answer by Be smart
I don’t know, there have been studies that “failed”, but I looked into them and it’s just bs.
We can predict what kind of influences will occur, and what kind of area of your life will be affected.

But astrology is not just the sun sign, FAAAAAR from it.
There are 10 to 50 other parameters in a birth chart.

Most important are sun, moon, venus mars rising, mercury, then jupiter, saturn, and then houses, and aspects…

to get started, you can go to www.cafeastrology.com and do your birthchart. very simple.

And predictions are difficult, because there are so many parameters at any given time both in the planets and stars, and in your life as well as everyone around you.

But describing your personality and why you think, act the way you do, this part is 100% accurate and just fascinating 🙂

Here are a few examples of astrology that works. Brad Pitt is a Sagittarius, so is Jeff Bridges and Steve Bushemi, they’re all calm, social, but interested in higher learning and spirituality. Just listen to interviews where they talk about stuff like this.
They’re the opposite of down-to-earth Taurus f.ex., like George Clooney(Taurus) or Liam Neeson(Gemini), who are far more interested in material gain and sexuality(non-specific orientation) respectfully.

Other example, Aries are hardcore, “out there” but kind of simple, look at Robert Downey Jr, no one has taken so many drugs and recovered, or Marlon Brando who likes to play the BOSS, but in a pretty simple(not too smart) guy…
Opposite sign is Libra, like Roger Moore or Hugh Jackman, where violence is frowned upon, and class is a must.
They’re indecisive and very social. Just look at them, watch interviews.