So if horoscopes are supposed to be true, why is mine always false?

Nothing ever makes any sense. Does everyone born within the year of the Monkey and a Virgo get the same horoscope as me? If so, what kind of BS is that? -.-

Anyone know where I can read a REAL horoscope?

Answer by just me
Go to either of these sites. The news paper horoscopes are complete B.S


Answer by mica
After you have gone to the aforementioned websites look at the rising sign and moon sign. When you read your daily horoscope check what it says for those. What ever area of life that the horoscope says for your rising will give you the area of life(friends, home, job etc.) will be what is aspected for you. Then check the moon sign and sun sign and you will get the trend for the day.

Answer by Been There
Chinese astrology is B.S.
Newspaper, or Sun-sign astrology, is B.S.
Even computer-generated astrological reports, done for your specific birth day, time & location, as inadequate, because they cannot synthesize all the bits of the chart into one whole.

Real astrology … well, if you go to a certified astrologer and have a reading based on a timed chart, you might find it speaks truth to you. But don’t go to cafe astrology … it does not consistently compute daylights savings time correctly (it depends on the year involved), and when it makes mistakes, that one hour can make a biiiiig difference.

A “horoscope” by the way, is your birth chart (horo= hour, scope=taking a look at), not a prediction, and certainly not a sun-sign either.

So go here, because this site is always accurate.



In your opinion what are the most annoying questions here on horoscopes?

1. “What would be the chart that is everything is in it’s home sign or dignified.”
2. “What famous serial killer are you: Quiz?” – I’ve seen this question asked MANY times here and often by the same person. I think they expect to get a different answer every time.
3. “Who is the most annoying person here on horoscopes.”
What do you think..?

Answer by .
This type of question.

Answer by ♏y Questions & Opinions
I hate when people pinpoint a bad experience they had w/ a certain sign and blame it on the rest of us as being the same way.

Answer by Jilly
The vaginas.
Like that chainlightning fellow. He reeks of a yeast infection.


Why do people ask for relationship advice based on horoscopes?

Surely there’s no proof behind them.
It drives me insane when people ask questions about their ‘Libra boyfriend’ or whatever.

Answer by gimpalomg
I don’t know why they do. I share your opinion that a giant ball of hydrogen undergoing nuclear fusion at a distance of many thousand light years can possibly have any effect on my life or my actions.

Answer by Nikol
The Sagittarius me say’s it’s because they’re stupid. 🙂

Answer by I Still Love H.E.R.
Same here. I find it pretty idiotic that people actually believe and follow horoscopes. It’s not that serious.

I guess they have low self-esteem, and think horoscopes actually work.


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