Should I take horoscopes seriously for my love life?

I am a cancer girl and I like this libra guy; however, People keep telling me that cancers & libras don’t get along too well in love life…………..

Is this really someting I should take seriously or are horoscopes sorta inaccurate?

Answer by Miss Hernandez
There are things you can ake in consideration when it comes to horoscopes…. but if you like him and its going great so far then why would you pay attention to horoscopes ? I think that horoscopes can help determine some things in a relationship but not all, and there are always exceptions. Remember its loveeee !!

Answer by Kristen B
I hate to be so honest, but who cares what they say!? DEFY THE ODDS! Prove them wrong! Horoscopes, I believe, are truly coincidentall. I think that they make them up, and then the reader simply twists whatever the prediction is to “match” what occuring in their life. But sometimes they can be dead on!

Answer by Chainlightning ⅜
Try asking where does astrology clearly succeed to do better than chance. Or better than alternatives that are simpler and more likely.

Astrology is a strictly belief oriented magical thinking. There is no science or evidence that can validate any of its claims. No one has control over when they are born. This make astrology a bigoted concept, akin to sexism and racism. Unique in fortune telling systems. But it’s a bigotry that is acceptable and desired among believers. They really like the idea of being programed like a computer.

Another strange thing is astrology is biased against itself. It encourages disharmony with it’s fellow believers. They know you better than you do. Telling you which people are okay to like or dislike. Just because a date on a calendar.

If you believe that you have free will, astrology is pointless.


If you believe in astrology do you believe in horoscopes?

I’m starting to think that horoscopes are crap- but I definitely believe in astrology when it comes to birth charts and things.

Answer by Vic
What is Horoscope:
Horoscope for a person is the balance sheet of Karma as carried over from past life. The future is not fixed and changes with every choice made during the lifetime.

In 90% of the cases the person follows the old, good or bad, habits from past life and in such cases the future can be predicted to 80% accuracy. There are always some hidden things of destiny which can happen without notice and can never be predicted. Astrological predictions should not be taken as word for word, for example “A person was predicted to die of a snake-bite”, but he died of an allergic reaction to a wrong injection, which is same thing as a snake bite (poison going into blood). In 21st century a live-in relation is also considered a marriage for the purpose of astrology.

Answer by Tall shortie
astrology yes, horoscopes no

Answer by koala bear


Horoscopes for twins: How can you cast horoscopes for twin girls born 3 minutes apart?

Why do their lives turn out to be completely different. e.g one marries young and starts a family and the other pursues a career and marries later in life.

Answer by Chris Q.T.
cause -_- everyone is unique? beautiful & different

horoscopes can be casted but not every horoscope will be true in the end
the future ‘hasn’t happened’ so it can be changed

duhhhh LOL jkk

edit: just to help you get a insight to horoscopes, Astrologers use their passion with Astrology & all it’s knowledge & help predict a Horoscope.. =) but it’s worldbased & generalized if i remember right

Answer by Intensified Moon
* First, 3 minutes difference in birth time is significant. Over time it can work out to be equivalent to 3 years. So timing between these two could be very different. And then there is one of the basic tenets of astrology, free will. Two people with significant similarities in their charts still have free will to use the assets or not. Take two people who we stipulate are exactly the same in every way, give them a double chocolate genache cake- one will eat it till its gone, or try; the other will save it till friends and family come by to share. Everyone has their own choice of what to do with what has been given to them.

Answer by ChainLightninG⅜
The reality is they are two different people, nothing to do with time of birth. This has been shown to true with twins that have been separated by adaptions and also with “time twins”. These are children that have been born at the same time and place, but to different sets of parents. See the link.

Astrology is a bigoted fortune telling system. No one choose when to be born. But astrology must stereotype just to be astrology. Wanting astrology to be true is the weird thing. It defies logic and reason to want the planets control you. Requiring you to give up free will and individual intellect. It is total strangers that are really doing this.


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