astrological signs

Ok Everyone, Let’s name all the Pokemon and their astrological signs?

Ok let’s name all the Pokemon and their astrological signs.

Answer by Thinkin Things Thru
only 437824 more pokemon to categorize

Answer by ♏✦♏ ♫☽Grey☾♫ ♏✦♏
You really want to name all the signs for ALL the Pokemon from Bulbasaur and Pikachu to Zekrom and Reshiram (5th Generation Legendaries)? 500+, haha have fun Mr. Ambitious.

Well here’s a few,
Tauros – Taurus
Magikarp, Feebas, Finneon, Lumineon – Pisces
Plusle, Minun – Gemini
Krabby, Kingler – Cancer
Drapion, Ho-Oh, Moltres, Mightyena – Scorpio
Hitmonchan – Aries (as he was based on Jackie Chan)
Hitmonlee – Sagittarius (as he was based on Bruce Lee)

Edit: 510, they’ve already released new Pokemon for the next generation. I’ve been following it since I’m a PokeNerd 😀

Answer by 510 Guy
You want us to give the signs of all 493 Pokemon?!

astrological signs

If our astrological signs are not compatible, should I worry?

I am a Taurus and my lover is a Sagittarius. According to astrology, our signs aren’t compatible (I require stability and he moves around a lot). Should I worry?

astrological signs

How many astrological signs (sun, moon, etc.) are you meant to know?

There is the sun sign, everybody knows that one. Then there is a moon sign, and I think venus and mars sign or something like that too.
Also, the Chinese have animals for years, the Celts have something else, the Indians have vedic astrology and I think there’s more. Is it just the same thing in different ways?

Answer by aspicco
In a sense, yes…

I think all psychic/spiritual methods and techniques tap into the same thing, using different ways.

And BTW, astrology has all the planets involved.

Answer by miranda
The most important ones for those who follow astrology are the sun sign (your true self, your basic nature), the rising sign (your personality or face you show to the world), and your moon sign (your emotional self). What you mostly know in acquaintances is their rising sign. And the moon sign is who you are when nobody is looking, your emotions, the heart of you. Your sun self is how you are in the world, your way of being in the world.

It’s good to read all three predictions in reading horoscopes, it will give you a more complete perspective. You can find your chart and all the signs using a free chart analysis at

I don’t follow it completely, and would never suggest to do so – it’s a guideline, knowing some of these things helps in understanding oneself. It helps you understand why you do some of the things you do. I’ve also had my Vedic chart done and reference the Chinese animals. I fit well into the Chinese astrology. It’s nice having such a complete picture seeing all the versions. In Western Astrology I’m a Leo, Libra, Scorpio – in Vedic, I’m a Cancer and in Chinese, I’m a hare. They all fit, the rabbit best of all. Do all the charts and see what info you get. And remember, you have free will, these are just general descriptions, they are not all of who you are, just a basic idea.