astrology signs

My astrology signs are complete opposites?

My sun sign is cancer which is sensitive my ascendant/rising sign is pisces which is also sensitive my moon sign is aries my mid heaven is sagittarius my vertex is leo all being fire signs im also born in the year of the water monkey so i like to cause trouble but im extremely sensitive and born in the hour of the earth rabbit which is sensitive im born in the day of the fire horse and the month of the metal horse so i pretty much have the worst astrology chart ever!

Answer by sqoosh
you don’t have the worst chart ever.. it’s uniquely yours πŸ™‚ i know how you feel though, because i’m a taurus sun, with a scorpio rising.. that’s one big contraction in itself.. but i am highly sensitive, emotional, loving etc. and then i have a fiery leo moon which makes me pretty aggressive and blunt and just adds to my crazy emotions. then i have random air signs in my venus and mars.. makes it interesting!

astrology signs

Can someone better help me understand astrology and signs?

I’d like to find out what I am better but I hear that there are like a bunch of things that determine what sign you are…
Like a moon sign, sun sign, birth date, birth year, etc…

So basically my question is can someone just break down astrology and what all the signs are please

Answer by Tot
Uh.. I’ll describe as best as I can..

Your moon sign is who you are truly. If a person wore you down to the core, that’s what sign you’d act like(your moon sign)

Your rising/ascendant is how other people see you. Your rising and your sign have a lot to do on how you look physically.

Your sun sign is basically just like, your basic personality. I don’t really know how to describe it.. x.x

Um, and there’s also degrees. All of your signs have different degrees, and according to those degrees, you have decantes. I guess you can call decantes, I guess, sub-forms of a sign? Like, for me, my sun is Virgo in the Taurus decan, so I’m more tallish and I have sort of higher cheekbones and I have a love of luxurious things, so I’m different than the other virgo people that have a different degree of their sign.

There is also houses.. I don’t really know what houses are..

Yeah.. I know I suck at explaining, but it’s the best I got. >>

Answer by knuckleheadboy
If you want to know yourself better, astrology is the best tool to do it. There are sites that will construct your birth chart (natal chart) for you and then explain about it (you, actually) You will need your time of birth, place of birth and date of birth. You will get a picture of yourself in astrology terms. A big circle broken into parts called houses. Each of the houses represents an area of your life. The astrology sign on the line at the beginning of each house on the left is the sign that influences those issues contained in that house. You may have planets in that house or not, either way is okay. Your planets are determined by where those planets were in the sky when you were born; they are calculated to the place you were born. Your Sun is the one you always hear about, “I’m a Taurus” means your Sun is in Taurus. Then all the planets, one by one are determined. Also important is what sign was on the horizon when you were born, called your rising sign or the Ascendant. This is what other people see when you make your first impression. So even if you are a Taurus, if you have Aquarius rising people will see you as outgoing and very sociable, when you’d much rather do your Taurus thing and cook dinner and snuggle up with your honey or your dog. These are parts of your personality that astrology will help you integrate into a whole you. I know that I didn’t exactly answer your question, but this is just an overview of what astrology is about. When you go to one of the sites, there are sections that answer your questions. Just click on what you want to know. I like because they have good information for beginners. Good luck and I’ll be praying for your soldier-boy.

astrology signs

What astrology signs are you mostly attracted to you?

I’m very bored and im trying to make the time pass lol so forgive me for the stupid questions:)

And what signs do you find yourself attracted to?

I’m Leo Sun Aries Moon Taurus Asc

Signs that are attracted to me have been Aries,Sag,Cap,Aquarius,Scorpio

I’m attracted to mostly Taurus guys but Im trying to break myself out of that and sag and Taurus females are pretty HOTT!;P

Answer by Lorenzo
This is a very silly question, but my answer is Leo’s πŸ˜‰

Answer by Fireball
fire signs and water signs…soulmate is Leo…i am Pisces…you would do well with an aries or sagit..TAURUS IS HORRIBLE MATCH FOR you….you run around…Taurus wants to stay home cuddling…it is a horrible match…my aunt and uncle got divorced with this match..

Answer by β˜† Nanodae
It’s never a single sign that I get attracted to, I’m attracted to any one regardless of sign as long as they are friendly and share some of my interests.

~ Cancer Sun/Moon/Mercury.