Is it gravity that affects horoscopes or just the star and planet positions?

I’m just curios what happens whenever a comet goes by or a meteor strike, if it affects our future. Or what would happen if the sun had a supernova and it ate up some of the planets?

Answer by A X
Well, if the sun went supernova Earth would be destroyed.

As for th rest, astrology and horoscopes are a passtime or a diversion; they’re just for fun. They aren’t based on any scientific fact.

Answer by Don’t break trees
we dont effin know for cod’s steak’s !!!
But it works

Answer by Jana
IF you are “curious” you will get much more information and detailed history by looking up the History. of astrology, and trace it from the beginning. It is honestly too complicated and involves too many astronomers, religious and psychological leaders of history to be able to cover it all here. By looking it up, your curiosity will be satisfied and you will even be more knowledgeable about the subject…

For your convenience I have added some of the sites available- I hope you find some helpful information: These were just the first ones I found-there are many, many more.

History of astrology – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_astrology Astrology, the belief in a connection between the cosmos and terrestrial matters has played an important part in human history. Regional branches of astrology …
History of Astrology: Timeline | History of Astrology Across the Globe
http://www.gryphonastrology.com/astrology.html The history of astrology from the Babylonians through today. Features a timeline of important periods and events in astrological history worldwide.
The History of Astrology
http://historyofastrology.blogspot.com/ This Blog site belongs to the Danish author Karima Lachtane, also known as WindBlowerTM. take a trip into space and astrology.
http://www.historyworld.net/wrldhis/PlainTextHistories.asp?historyid=ac32 HISTORY OF ASTROLOGY including Astral themes, Mesopotamia and the Babylonians, The Greek initiative, India and elsewhere.


Do these two people sound like a good match from their horoscopes?

Two of my really good friends are going out. They are both Pisces (their birthdays are only two days apart). One of them is Pisces with moon in Leo and the other is Pisces with moon in Taurus. Would you say they were a good match? From what I’ve read, moon in Leo will stay in a less than perfect relationship for ages just because it seems the decent thing to do. And moon in Taurus tend to be quite nitpicky and often jealous and possesive.

Answer by virendra t
no not so good match future point of view lack of pleasure.

Answer by kfslskmal
These are both really good matches. Pisces really understand each other because they’re both really emotional and sensitive people. From personal experience, the moon signs will get along great. Taurus’ and Leo’s are great matches and get along really well. Taurus’ are very possesive, and leo’s can be too, so they agree with each other on that. They both would protect their loved one’s til the death of them. overall, these two sound really good for one another and they will probably last a long time.