Is it bad to be addicted to horoscopes?

Or am I addicted? I tend to be very anxious alot and I have really high hopes about something and I want it to happen so bad !!! Every morning i lOok at my horoscope to see how it is and what will interest me. I look at different horoscopes and read them to see what’s true about my day

Answer by Micki 48
It’s not bad to read them, but don’t expect them to predict your life or your day. They can’t tell you what your day is going to be like. Read them for fun, but don’t take them seriously. We all have high hopes and want certain things to happen really badly, but no horoscope can predict whether they will or not.

Answer by Molly R
As long as you realize the horoscopes aren’t real BECAUSE THEY AREN’T.You can look up your horoscope in MANY and they all say completely different things because there isn’t one singular horoscope for you that’s being passed around Sometimes if you look carefully they often contradict themselves.If you start thinking that whatever your horoscope says is inevitable and your “fate”,then it’s time to quit the fun little horoscope game because you’re basically giving up on your life and letting a sentence or two take over the outcomes of your future.If your boyfriend dumps you it’s not because a star is out of place it’s because of something in your relationship.When people start to believe that their whole day or even life is planned out by a few sentences they get careless and forget that they really are in control.Plus,why be anxious about something that doesn’t matter?I have an anxiety disorder and I know about the horrible habit of putting on worries that don’t need worrying about.Why be upset for the day if your horoscope says that your day will be horrible?To tell you the truth,that’s pretty pathetic.
Here’s something I remember KINDERGARTEN,only YOU control the outcome of your life.When you read or horoscope you are being INFLUENCED by it and based upon what it says you act towards it subconsciously.That’s why people think they work,because they are making them work.If you read you horoscope and it says you’ll have a sad day in the back of your mind you’re probably saying “Oh this day is going to be sad because my horoscope said so..” even if you don’t think about it,you thinking sad thoughts makes your day worse.If you face the day with a bad attitude nothing good will happen.I can guarantee you that.
So if you’re looking at them for FUN,then you aren’t “addicted” and you can keep on going.
If you are BELIEVING THAT YOUR HOROSCOPES WILL COME TRUE NO MATTER WHAT you need to forget about horoscopes and let your days happen the way YOU want them to,not the way your “horoscope” wants them to.


What is up with the new Yahoo horoscopes?

They are awful. You could pick a better fortune cookie out of a barrel.

Answer by Kevin
Haha! So true

Answer by Tiacola Version 9.0
They were never good to begin with in my opinion. They must have just gotten worse.


Why are horoscopes in the Entertainment section?

Does it have anything to do with the fact that astrology is complete garbage and the planets and stars have nothing to do with our social lives? I mean after all, giant balls of hydrogen/helium are known to affect human’s love lives, right? I mean, who doesn’t know that!

Answer by XsmileyX
the idea behind astrology is because the planetary movement effects the physical world such as the moon and the tides…….we are 90% watter so y wouldn’t it effect us???

Answer by mhiaa
Actually, it’s so Yahoo doesn’t get sued.

Answer by Sorry I broke the trees
horoscopes is considered entertaiment for teenagers, especially females.
However, brave smart people have turned this into astrology and KNOWLEDGE…so it’s all good 🙂


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