If you could change astrology signs, which one would you switch to? Why?

Also, which astrology sign would you least like to be? Why?

Answer by john a
us libras rock

Answer by Andrei S
astrology lol who cares just look at the lovely stars with you own eyes and see what they mean

Answer by Obsidian Sage
None, I love being a Capricorn =D though, who knows? My boy is a scorpio, and it’ll be fun to be a scorpio for a while… I’d like to return to Capricorn form eventually heehee

astrology signs

What astrology signs am I compatible with?

My sun sign is scorpio, but my moon sign is aquarius. Most of my friends are geminis and libras, but I want to know which sign I would be able to get along with really well. 🙂 Thanks.

Answer by Yeah
With A Earth Or With A Water Sign .

Answer by Meg
You would probably do best with Earth or other Water signs. Scorpio is a pretty intense sign, so that might not be a good mix with Fire signs and Air signs might be too flighty and restless for you… not to say that they should be out of the question, though. Any two signs can be compatible if both people are willing to try hard enough.

Answer by Delihla

Do you believe that astrology signs tell you your future?

My mom says that fortune telling is real. But you actually have to study astrology and everything… and draw a chart, to forecast their future.

Answer by Vulcan
your mom is mistaken – astrology is a cheap fraud

Answer by A.I.
The future is predictable but not certain. For example, I can predict that I will be 40 years old one day but if I die tomorrow, I won’t. So something as definite as one’s age can be countered. And if that can be countered, so can everything else.

Answer by Plutonic Feline
not at all! There is no such thing as predicting your future. You direct your life by the choices you make.

Astrology helps you to understand certain personality traits, as in the present, and now. It also helps understand behaviors, and not predicting the future. That’s impossible!