I need a site that has Horoscopes that actually work?

Hi. my classmate the other day brought in a sheet of horoscopes and me and my friends read through, and it gave us the chills because most of it was true. I can’t remember where she got them from but does anyone here know a good website that they give out horoscopes that really work?

Answer by I Am Smart Person
impossible there is none

Answer by bharath anderson
it’ll cost you about 38$ /month, what say…….?

Answer by .
Horoscopes don’t “work”. They are merely someone’s prediction of a sorted future. If you read through them, they fit almost everyone that sees them. They are very general things that apply to lots of situations.


Do horoscopes work the same way on str8 people and gay people?

I was just wondering…. Its cause I like this guy who is a Pisces and I’m a Virgo and well if I read the compability thingy will it be the same for us even though we are gay. If the answer to the above is yes, can I please know if Virgo and Pisces are compatible? 10 points for best answer

Answer by andmore63
A star sign is a star sign…I don’t think astrology thinks about sexuality!

Answer by Jesse
Yes, it works the same way — not at all. That applies to all ages, all sexualities, all genders, all races..

Answer by sluggy
It’s equally worthless for either.


…How relevant are horoscopes to describe people?

I’m a virgo, and I’m very much reserved, analytical, organize, and plan. But in the other side I’m wild passionate and angry at same time.I saw a lot of these traits in a article. Now I read an article that Gemini’s are very unstable with virgo’s cause they constantly want change and fun. What do you guys make of this. I’m not a great believer in horoscopes but man, some of the stuff that I read got me.

Answer by Albus Dumbledore
Perhaps you ought to come to hogwarts, and do astronomy.

Answer by ☆ Pretty Funkin’ Funny ☆
You shouldn’t worry, not everyone is alike according to some Horoscope. It’s just for fun.

Answer by lizzy
thats only your sun sign, the moon and rising sign are person to you and astrology more specific.
you should do your birth chart