I have to write horoscopes for vocabulary homework?

I have to use 20 of my vocabulary words to write a newspaper article and a suggestion is horoscopes… First of all, i don’t even know what they are.. some words include lucid, insignificant, photogenic, and hemophilia… how would i write a horoscope using those words?

Answer by Rose
Look up some horoscopes and you will find that they can ‘predict’ illnesses like hemophilia or that some one will develop a photogenic face, or be forced into an insignificant position if she doesn’t pay another $ 100 dollars to the fortune teller.
You’ve got it made. Be as ridiculous as you like. believe me , you will just be mimicking the fortune tellers. Go for it and enjoy it !

Answer by darko
You can use the babylon for this purpose. It’s the best translator in my opinion:


Horoscopes: Are you willing to call a truce with your enemies?

Are you willing to step down and make peace with all those that you don’t like and that don’t like you?

BQ: What was your worst argument about?

Your sun, mercury, mars and venus?

Answer by Aya ~ {I was never meant for…} Lovin’ baby
The fact that I’m always willing to call a truce makes that I have no enemies. I hate arguments and I hate fights. They are more often than not completely pointless, so I tend to avoid them altogether or make up for them (*if* they were my fault) and make peace.

If someone considers themselves my enemy, that’s not something I can help. I just hope they know that they’re probably the only ones who think they’re my enemy. ^^

BQ: my boyfriend’s drinking. He got on my nerves and met my Pluto square Mars.

Scorpio sun
Sagittarius mercury
Capricorn mars
Sagittarius venus

Answer by Moll Flanders
No chance. Too many people are involved.

Being slandered for no reason.

Sun in Gemini
Mercury in Gemini
Mars in Sagittarius
Venus in Aries

Answer by ♫ℛℴñdℴ♫
Yes i can always call it True because i actually never made enemies but i know a way to make the enemy become a friend.

BQ:This is going to sound extremely ridiculous,but the BIGGEST argument iv had with someone was Over Dishes.Doesn’t sound like much does it? Well it was really intense and had alot of coursing and Fighting going on.My annoying stepdad (aries) Is such a bossy person and keeps telling me what to do so i exploded and i never get mad.

Mars Scorpio
Mercury Libra
Venus Libra


Horoscopes: What placements/signs would be intrigued by the mob/mafia lifestyle?

What signs or placements do you think would be interested in and intrigued by that lifestyle?

BQ: Are you Italian?

BQ2: Does the idea of the mafia scare you?

Answer by ψ Diablo ψ
I would say a Virgo on the sun and moon but with a hint of fire to keep that danger attraction in.
Al Capone was a capricorn, so I would also say mostly earth signs.
My guesses.


BQ: No, I’m Spaniard.

BQ2: Not really, to be honest.

Aries sun

Answer by Braydz
Lol. Pluto rules the underworld and in our human terms that translates to mob lifestyle, gangs, and terrorism. Maybe someone with a strong Pluto placement, like in the 1st or 10th. Psh idk.

BQ: Nah. Black and Native American.

BQ2: No, yakuza’s do.

Answer by Blu Hazed
Diablo is Spanish? Mmmmm… *whisper* Hot. ; ) I like the people from Spain – Hope to visit there someday! Ahem..! Well to your question – I would think Taurus. Because they can physically strong and have an intimidating presence. They like money and don’t trust anyone. No – I’m not Italian. Does the idea of a mafia scare me – No. Do they even exist anymore? Today is all about the drug cartels in Mexico – Now that’s scary!