How this relationship will be according to horoscopes?

Hi, I am interested in this man at my college and I just wondered if someone good in astrology could give me details on what our relationship would be like with my birthday May 15,1990 and his birthday July 19,1982.
Also, what he likes in the bedroom? What cancers normally like?

Please don’t just copy and paste something from a website. I have tried all that without enough detail. Thank you for your time.

Answer by Vasudev P
Please you give complete birth details as date time and place of birth for your good answer

Answer by Sute~Neko
You cannot get details unless you give the place of your birth and his, and the time and date.. Even when you do, all you have to do is go to www.astro.com or Tarot, to get the full details on your love compatibility based on your personalities.

Cancers are sensitive, I’d say a little emotional too. In the bedroom, try being sensual and affectionate, be supporting of his aspirations and how he feels so he feels like he can trust you. You can also seduce him by setting up a romantic dinner with his favorite food, because Cancers usually like that whole “candle-light” setting. Whatever you do, don’t rely on your good looks. He’d rather care for a girl who is supporting of him and his dreams, that’s usually why men cheat in the first place.

PS – Cancers like excitement too, so the flame in the bedroom is important.

Answer by Dave
With out birth times or places its really hard to give you any indepth analysis here but I can tell you generally from what I see that there could be alot of difficulties in your relationship that you two must overcome if you want this to be successful. On a positive note however communication probably wont be a problem so what ever difficulties you can precieve coming at any one given time I would quickly discuss openly and honestly with one another. When communication is good open and honest alot of other difficulties can be overcome.

Technically Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus. It is a feminine sign which is good because so is Cancer which is a water sign ruled by the Moon. Very generally speaking this makes compatibility with Cancer not entirely impossible. However you may see some conflict with Cancer because of its ruler the moon which very basically can make a Cancer very overly emotional and reactionary lacking self control as well as at times moody where Taurus can tend to be more proactive and not quite as emotional or lacking in self control at all. They will tend to think and plan out their steps on a more thorough and granular level. This may cause a conflict in the two signs relations as the Cancer would like to take action now and tends to be very impulsive in the manner in which they choose to go about handling a situation. This is because the Cancer is more apt to let their emotions rule over their decision making than Taurus. On a positive side however Taurus can provide the kind of security that Cancers need and seek to create in every aspect of their lives.

This is a general observation and depending upon other aspects in your chart may or may not entirely pertain to you and your Cancer.

Oh and I forgot to add sexual ….you will probably find that your Cancer is extremely sensual not overbearing or dominating. Soft touches slow moving .. for them sex it would seem to me is a very emotionally intense experience where they can use their nurturing side into something of a warm affectionate kind of seduction. True romantics.


Why are horoscopes based on the planets in our solar system?

Specifically all planets are taken into account, but only few are more powerful.

Answer by andyoptic
Horoscopes are nothing to do with science. Just mumbo jumbo

Answer by bookish
Actually, they don’t use Neptune and Uranus because they weren’t discovered when they were making up the horoscope nonsense. And it is nonsense. Might as well use tree rings or clouds instead of planets: it makes just as much sense.

Answer by shiara_blade
it’s the way things were done and telescopes haven’t always been this powerful so some were easier to be seen than others


Why do people take horoscopes literally?

I keep getting thumbs down for saying horoscopes aren’t real… I haven’t written that in a while, but it has happened.

Answer by hoho
They’re interesting and pretty accurate. Honestly they give me a little bit of hope and a pinch of confidence.

Answer by ?
because when you refer to it all as ‘horoscopes’ the same as yahoo , we all know you have never studied the subject ..probably in your entire life

aquarians are often sceptical about astrology, this is down to their ruler uranus i believe… uranus is here to burst boundaries
although i have uranus in my first house which could be what gives me my interest in astrology

Answer by Bobbie Kaye
Because they’re gullible. Sort of like when people believe the Democrats who say that electing them will make things better.

If astrology were accurate, wouldn’t fraternal twins be alike in every way? But of course we know they are not.

What about identical twins, one born before midnight, the other after midnight? If this is the day the astrological signs change, you’d have identical twins with two different signs. So I guess they’ll be different from each other?

And finally, how about C-sections? If a mother can choose the day to deliver her baby, is she controlling his destiny?

Okay, I’m psyching myself up for a barrage of thumbs down! But this is my honest opinion. I can’t control that, I’m an Aquarius!