How many type of horoscopes are there?

I know there is the Daily horoscope and the chinese zodiac. But Which are the other ones? I went to a store once and they had one for a day of the month but it was different you were like a luna or something like that?

Answer by homesick alien
Secondary progresion

Answer by Mia
The “daily horoscope” is the child of something called sun sign astrology. It’s intention was to make astrology, which is a very complex discipline, more accessible and less intimidating to the masses. Kind of like an easy introduction to astrology. Unfortunately, it has done as much damage to astrolgy as it has done good. At any rate, sun sign astrology is a characterization and should not be taken too seriously.

Aside from that, there are 3 main types of astrology: Chinese astrology (which is also more complex than being a dog or an ox), Vedic astrology and western astrology. Vedic and western are similar with the primary difference being that Vedic astrology attaches the signs literally to the stars in the sky whereas western astrology attaches the signs to the seasons. The two systems are still in the early stages of misalignment and time should tell if one is better than the other or if they both have strengths for different purposes. I haven’t studied much Chinese astrology at all so I can’t give you any insights.

The book you found may have been on moon signs. But that’s just as bad as sun sign astrology. We might call it “moon sign astrology”. They both isolate one part of a birth chart, which causes confusion and misunderstanding. Neither are a complete or useful “discipline”.

Synastry and composite charts are made when looking into compatibility issues. There’s also mundane, horary, electional and medical branches of western astrology.

Hope that helps.


I know that Catholics are not suppose to believe in horoscopes but what if?

i know that Catholics are not suppose to believe in horoscopes but what if we take them as advice? Is it still wrong? And why?

Answer by Siobhan
Why not? Jesus was tracked down by 3 wise men (from china?0 who were guided by the stars and who’s astrology readings led them to the new king of the world!

Answer by Scorpio
I was about to quote about Jesus being visited by the three wise men guided by the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter…

That conjunction itself really narrows down his birth date:-)

Astrology is not against any Faith or religion… Religion is not Faith… And Spirituality is not religious…

What you believe about Divinity does not affect what happens to you astrologically. What you do (choices, deeds) are affected by your Tendencies, and what you unleash is you Pandora’s box of Potentials…

If Astrology can outline for you your potentials and your tendencies… talents and intuitions … isn’t that a good thing?

Wrong or right it’s still your own choice to believe it or not… isn’t it?

It’s kind of a fact that Catholics choose their lucky days consulting the stars… and using Eclipses as portends of something great or destructive…

They have the longest living tale of Climate changes and effects due to astronomical events…

And if you research long enough, you’ll realize that Astronomy the Science is a spin off of Astrology the Philosophy…

Incidentally… you’re probably going to buzz knowing that there’s a Total Solar Eclipse over Southeast Asia on Wednesday… July 22nd 2009… http://kirinouji.wordpress.com/a-solar-eclipse-2009/

I won’t tell you what to believe… Choose the conviction that proves itself true for you and stick with it… If it’s Catholicism then great… if it’s astrology then fantastic… One does not have to dominate the other… Your life and Destiny are yours to write, it is not owned by religion or astrology…

Besides… you’re already hooked on astrology… don’t you think it’s a bit late to feel guilty about it??? hahahahah

Take it easy… Doom and Gloom is not you really is it?
Believe what is true for you and be happy that you’re finding truth for yourself… instead of having it poured into your skull…

Best regards…

Answer by nick
It’s your life, believe in whatever you want.

Astrology, in my opinion, is more interesting than studying a 1500 year old book.

Anyway, did you know the 12 disciples represent each of the 12 zodiac signs? Did you know that Mary, Jesus’ mom, was a virgin and she was a Virgo, the sign of the virgin?


Where can I read horoscopes and star sign personalities that are done by your exact birthdate?

I’m a Cancer/Leo and just reading the Cancer Sign is a bit off. I have read my horoscope before and star sign personality just by my birth date and it was spot on! I no longer remember the website. Help!

Answer by Teaj Farmer
cafeastrology.com find the natal chart page and enter your info it will give you a very long and in depth decription of yourself