How do you explain horoscopes?

I personally think they’re about as real as professional wrestling and I was just wondering why you believe in horoscopes. What makes a certain astrological pattern in the sky when they are born affect how someone acts and behaves? Is there any logic behind it or are they just things you follow as light and simple fun? Don’t you think genes and how somebody is raised has everything to do with a person’s nature? I’m really not meaning to insult anybody; I’m only curious.
What the fuck Brandy. I’m asking for people’s opinions as to why they personally believe in horoscopes, not the textbook definition of horoscopes. Yahoo answers is so people can ask a question and get answers.

Answer by john
its all fake hocus pocus

Answer by Okay
Astrology Is Real .

Answer by Athena
In my opinion, I believe in it, I just don’t believe in it like ‘Oh your a Cancer? I can’t date you, sorry!’But it’s something fun and interesting and it’s so darn accurate!


What website has free horoscopes sent to your phone daily?

Hey is there a website which send your horoscope to your mobile phone for free? 🙂

Answer by Mallory


What are people thinking when they look at horoscopes?

So soley by date of birth, decides what my personality is, and decides my future for me? What kind of people actually use them?

Answer by This Guy
you only have a part of it. its based on birth date, time, and place.

you’re thinking of just the sun sign. well there is also a moon, venus, mercury, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus, and pluto sign for each person. there are also houses of characteristics based on where you were born in relation to the stars. you’ve misunderstood astrology if you think that according to astrology everyone born in the same month is the same. there is much more too it than that.

of course, its validity is still questionable, even to me.