How do I become a Top Contributor for the Horoscopes section?

I don’t want to sound ego-centric but I do always answer Horoscope questions with the best answers…I also work hard to make good answers on Horoscope questions and I have answered a lot of them..How do I become a TC for Horoscopes?

Answer by Laro
Looks like your at 12 percent now
keep asking questions from now on in horoscope only for awhile,and receive some best answers
and you are just 10 questions different between asking and answering
I hope to get to level 5 soon and then on my next account i am only going to ask questions on horoscope…I want it also
I also heard that more than 10 percent does it.good luck and i will see you when you get it

Answer by jane
keep on answering you will be someday….

help me with ma horoscope question:

Answer by * Darksongbird *
You gotta be in the top 5 or 10 i think.

It’s kinda hard to do especially if you aren’t on a lot.

i think you gotta mostly stick with this category for starters.


How can i use shakespeare words to write horoscopes for a school project?

i have to write horoscopes for a project about romeo and juliet but i have to use that kind of language…any suggestions?
also what kind of stuff should i put in the horoscopes?

Answer by xo379
Just look at any horoscopes for examples. You can find tons online.

Here are some ‘translations’ of Shakespeare words:

Some common ones (and ones you might use in a horoscope) (many of them are the same as now)
–Condition: Temper; quality
–Convert: To change
–Convive: To feast together (could talk about how person will be feasting with others that day)
–Cautel: Deceit (will be a victim of cautel today…)
–Copy: Theme (the copy of the day is…)
–Accite: To summon
–Acknown: To acknowledge (“to be acknown” is to acknowledge)
–Allowance: Approval
–Bodge: To botch, bungle, mess up (you will bodge an important project today at work…)
–Braid: Deceitful
–Brave: Handsome, well-dressed (you will meet a brave man today…)
–Bestraught: Distraught, distracted (you may feel bestraught now, but…)
–Bully-rook: A bragging cheater
–Hardiment: Brave deed
–Harry: To annoy, harass
–Misdoubt: To suspect
–Mallecho: Mischief
–Misthink: To think ill off
–Noddy: A dolt/stupid person
–Fact: Guilt
–Facinorous: Wicked
–Flat: Certain
–Falsing: Deceptive
–Forbode: Forbidden

etc – see links above


How can I get free horoscopes texted to my cell phone daily?

Is there a website I can go to, to subscribe to getting free horoscopes texted to my phone daily?

– thankyou (:

Answer by Thats me Baby
What a waste of money and texting space in your phone.

Astrology is real though, I just don’t believe in horoscopes.

Answer by gg
read newspaper as all have genric horoscope readings for the day else telecom service providers will charge you.

Answer by Bernadette
I get my horoscope texted to me from yahoo everyday. Just go to yahoo horoscopes.