How do horoscopes work and know?

I read my horoscope everyday and it’s usually right.
about how im feeling and what’s happening with the world around me.

I’m like o_o, how do they know thisss.

Answer by Rawr♥
I’m not sure but it’s cool when it’s right.

mine please?

Answer by [Common Sense]
Well when your born planets and signs are assigned to you for example he who is a gemini means when he was born the constillation gemini was alligned with the sun thus him being a gemini… well this is dones for all the planets in our solar system right when we are born… thus having a sun moon mercury mars venus.. planets now each of these planets rules an aspect of us for example the moon our inner personality venus our love life ……………… so based on those combinations along with influences of the house it can predict how those forces usually influence a person in a certain date to do what it predicts…. like for example pisces are kind hearted so it might say today you might do something blissful or generous and since all pisces hold this quality it will try to forecast it for all them… the reason why it may not come true to all the people in that sign is because once again we are ruled by planets but the planets that rule us are different for everyone even if we have the same zodiac sign thus having different influences on us then others………. hope this made sense

Answer by ChainLightning ⅜
Which one? There are hundreds if not thousands in print and online. So how do you know which astrologer has it right? What are the chances of one twelfth of the world having the same day as you?

Look hard enough and you will find a fit.


Why do people who don’t believe in astrology hang around the horoscopes section?

It obviously holds some sort of appeal for them. Otherwise, they’d just stay away from it.

Answer by ‘ ‘
They can’t read, so they waste their time typing a bunch of crap that everyone else is going to thumbs down,or report.

Answer by Baron Otto Matic
We are in the entertainment section. I’m being entertained, aren’t you?

Guess that is because no astrologers are worth quoting.

Answer by Robrecht
Obsessive compulsive desire to nag other people what to read or think. I don’t find it entertaining to make fun of people who ask questions about broken hearts or loneliness. This forum might not be the best place for them to find answers to those questions, but it’s not really helping them to quote Carl Sagan like a parrot either.


What are good online places for free horoscopes and tarot readings?

Answer by mimi
There’s Keen.. but you have to do your research.. even the 5 star ratings are frauds..
Try Circe Ciro, THIRD EYE, and Sincerity.
They have really good accuracy.
Please answer mine if you know it..

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how do horoscopes work;