How did all these religious individuals appear in Horoscopes?

Lately I have seen a high amount of religious humans in the Horoscope section.

Where did they come from?

What is happening?

Answer by Peter
Have you seen how many non religious people are in the Religion/Spirituality section?

Answer by John ♥s his Babygirl
We have as much right to be here as you do.

What is happening? Jesus is still King and He still runs the show. You just thought you infidels took over but not hardly. Peace

Answer by Be smart
I had no idea. Never seen a religio here…


Is horoscopes work, then why are there so many different interpretations of the signs?

Placements, aspects, house positions, etc.
Why does the level of consistency continue to wane?

There are so way too many zodiacal interpretations. Add that with “house” positions, and “aspects.” If this stuff worked, I highly doubt there would be this significant inconsistency. Why is that?

So is a Capricorn Sun depressed or happy? Is a Virgo Venus controlled or complacent? Is an Aquarius Moon intellectual or inuitive Which one is it?

Answer by �
They don’t work that’s why.

Horoscopes are as outmoded and archaic as modern religion. Nothing but the tale end of modern mythology, soon to be obliterated by the wonders of modern science.

Answer by Noni
Are you talking horoscopes or sign descriptions?
As for horoscopes, most astrology buffs don’t pay attention to them. Monthly horoscopes are nonsense.
As for the signs, I think you’ll find that overall they all have the same description, just with different shades. If you’re finding major differences in sign descriptions, then you’re probably getting your information from poor sources.
On top of that, your sun sign is only a small sliver of your personality. Many signs will take on different personalities given how the rest of their chart plays out.

Answer by Paradise
Horoscopes are kinda different from true astrology. If you’re basing your information on horoscopes alone, then obviously you’re going to get nothing but vague answers. Surprisingly, even knowing what it means for a certain sign to fall under a certain planets is vague also, compared to what else is in a chart. You’re not going to be a typical Virgo sun if that’s the only Virgo placement you have in your chart, if it falls under and opposing house, or if it has a lot of hard or easy aspects to it, etc. The planets and stuff are very basic, it’s the aspects and the house placements that hold together the chart, and so, may I suggest that you fully understand astrology in it’s entirety before you bash it. As for so many astrology interpretations, all interpretations I have see have all been the same – just written differently and thus, I suppose, can be perceived differently by readers. Also, the people who write descriptions may just focus on the good, the bad, the ugly or balance them all. You cannot expect everyone to write exactly the same thing, as that would suggest everyone has the same way or writing, thinking, approaching and analyzing a situation – which is a rather arrogant assumption.


Why are people into horoscopes and astrology?

I just don’t get it. Why does it matter what sign a person is? I’m not judging people who do believe in them; I’m just curious. Please inform me. Why do you follow horoscopes?

Answer by ♞ℳℛℴℴℚ♞
I dont fully believe in it.But its for entertainment and for fun.And some of it is kinda true there usually on point when explaining you and sometimes way off when explaining you.

its a 50/50 thing with me

Answer by Wendy
it makes an even more interesting spiritual quest…it’s like being into GOD but wanting him to connect with us much more personally.

Answer by ♥CoLd♥
BecAuse to me Astrology is Fun,Mysterious, and this way i can learn more about other people, and i love this Yahoo horoscople section because this is the only place where i find people like me, who enjoys astrology like i do…any how astrology is becoming popular so thats why everyone is in to it this days:)