Horoscopes: What do you consider a boring relationship? And How would you feel being in it? Your Sun and Venus?

Im a Libra/ Scorpio Venus and i feel MISERABLE in a boring relationship. Even if i love the person to pieces its still hard for me to not get down emotionally due to boredom. I need intensity and excitement like all the time. Otherwise i feel dead!!!!!!

Answer by ♥Taurus Girl♥ツ
Why would anyone want to be in a boring relationship?? I’m not saying that I have to have an exciting relationship but if he just sits there and doesn’t make me laugh/smile then I can’t be around him. I love laughing thats the key to my heart<3 Taurus sun, Gemini venus.

Answer by Hello Panda ♓
No. I don’t want to be the only one who’s giving all the excitement in a relationship.

Answer by thelibraunique
honestly o_o, i think the reason you feel loved, but no intensity or excitement..might be because of your reservedness..do you ever feel reserved, then your partner says intense romantic things, you get excited, then time passes, then your partner says the same thing, then you still feel that intensity and excitement, but it wasn’t like the first time, then the 8th time your partner does this, you feel dead. o.o. if this is how you feel, i think the problem is that maybe you’re too reserved..


horoscopes why is it that everytime i dream about being pregnant i wake up wanting kids?

what sign is prone to dream about this a lot?

if jerk filmraters and i marry what sign kids shoul we have?

Answer by Lioness
Ur most likely either a cancer pisces or scorpio. nd if u think about something too much during d day u are prone to c it in ur dreams.

Answer by Question Perception
I once dreamt I was pregnant and the creature from alien popped out of my chest.

Answer by Natalie Galaxy
@No! Stole the words out my mouth. I had a dream of a beautiful baby laying in a bed with blue eyes,and blonde hair. The same baby comes in all of my dreams. Its really weird.

You should have a Sagittarius
The Sagittarius will laugh while you talk about the Scorpio
and take your side whenever


Are horoscopes accurate to what they say?

I always read my horoscope on a particular website that has ads on myspace and facebook. Lately some of the things I am reading are a little close to home while others are disturbing to read. How much truth is in them?

Answer by Chip Potato
No, they are pure speculation.

Answer by Psychology vs Astrology: The Truth Hurts
I know the one you’re on about. It’s alright.

I would say, Russell Grant. He’s usually right, but he only produces one Decan forecast per Star Sign which it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for all everyone born in that time period (All three Decans), usually it’s just aimed at one Decan who is showing the most information, which is often mislead and leads to negativity and scepticism. 

Basically, the Astrologer won’t make as much money if one Decan’s forecast is produced – it could be that a certain Decans forecast has shown up several times in a row and left out the other two – or their a complete utter fake bullshitting Astrologer, so they tend to set it for the whole three Decans, which is why for some people’s forecast isn’t true and for others it’s spot on.

Answer by chainlightning⅜
Which one? Ono twelfth of the world is going to have the same day as you? No matter if you a llama herder in Peru or an unwed mother in South Africa?

There are thousands in print and online. Look hard enough and you will find a fit. They are purposely vague and can apply to anyone at anytime.

“You can’t convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it’s based on a deep seated need to believe” – Carl Sagan