Horoscopes, do you know any intense exercises to gain a very fast metabolism?

I have this hyper energy! Gemini Mars, and I’d LOOVE to release!

Answer by Kate
Then the best exercise is Fusion Yoga – it combines yoga, pilates, and power aerobics to give you the combination of flexibility, stamina, and strength. And all this together helps you take in positive energy and release negative one. Do this once a day for 40-60 minutes and take protein shakes and eat moderate amount of carbs, but also balance that with fresh veggies and real protein. This way, you won’t loose weight, turning it into long and lean muscles. This diet and exercise is good for your body AND soul.

P.S. you can do this at home for free. Go to hulu.com and search “fusion yoga”

Answer by ☼ ♑ Irish Noel
Running burns the most calories per minute of any exercise except rowing.

Basically, you need to cut down on the sugar and caffeine.

Answer by The Original Liberal
You gotta lay off that speed son.


Horoscopes do you typically find yourselves attracted to the sign of your chart ruler?

My Cancer rising makes my Gemini Moon my Chart Ruler & I often find myself attracted to Gemini Suns, Moons, Mars, as well as risings.

doesn’t have to be sexual
The chart ruler is the ruling planet of whatever sign your Ascendant is in. So if your’e an Aries AC your chart ruler would be Mars, Pisces AC Neptune, Virgo AC Mercury ect ect.

Answer by Dance When You See Me
If u had Aquarius rising does that make me attracted to Aquarius’s? Cause I really really am!

Answer by AriesAC *Bree*
I don’t know what my chart rulers are :S

Answer by Eye Candy – Ojos Asi
Why Geminis M?????
My chart ruler is in Scorpio,, so yeah I guess that is true. I am attracted to scorpio women as friends more than Scorpio Mn though… But I guess it works both ways. Just less common the other way around. For me anyways. But I always thought that what ever sign your Venus is in, that is the sign of the women you are attracted to,,,, and what ever sign your mars was in is the sign of the men your are attracted to. Platonic or non-platonic.


Why do you think the Horoscopes are in entertainment and music?

Is it because it’s nonsense and not to be taken seriously?

Answer by Jennifer B.
Yes. The ones in the paper are bologne.

You can study astrology and find out more true things online or by checking out books at your local library though.

Answer by Dinithi
well….. horoscopes are entertaining i mean knowing stuff thats gonna happen to you and knowing ur future is kinda cool!!!!!!!!

Answer by Ardvoque
Your probably right, you sound like one of those that doesn’t need to study to presume knowledge. The fact that Carl Jung the famous psychiatrist used astrology as part of his teachings and healing says nothing for the value of ASTROLOGY, I’m sure you are more educated that Carl Jung!

Regardless of what you read about HOROSCOPES, it is only the SUN sign sign, where in a chart you will have a MOON, MERCURY, MARS, VENUS, JUPITER, SATURN and a few more, as these planets are consistently orbiting the SUN there placement at the time of your birth will be different to the next persons, I’m sure you’l agree.

I hope you are becoming aware if you know anything about astronomy the possible combinations or degrees from the sun these planets can be are endless. So lets stop saying that a 12th of the worlds population thing….

Now lets look at the aspects each planet is from other planets and the effects of opposites, conjuncts, trines and sextiles….

Nah lets not, I hope you see there are many aspects to ASTROLOGY, but HOROSCOPES, I agree with you are a bit of fun.

We are looking for attention some time the wrong attention is just as good as the the right attention

Do a chart and chill lil buddy