astrology zodiac signs horoscopes

Does anyone know about astrology / horoscopes / zodiac signs? I need help!?

I’m a Leo, can anyone tell me what’s in store for me in the next month? February? For love / romance I mean. I know I can do this on a website ut…I’d rather hear from an actualy person lol. Please and thank you!

Answer by Matt M
You could look at your transits for today. Get your natal chart and compare your planet placements with the current position of the planets in the sky. can help you do this, and provide interpretations of your transits. If you don’t know about this already, anouther cool thing in astrology is being able to interpret your natal chart to know what your personality is. Again, can help you with this, and so can my site: On my site, go to “How to interpret charts” I think I named it. This will give you a system for interpreting your natal chart using keywords. I also could interpret your natal chart for you for $ 1.50. My site will give you the option to do this.

Answer by Miss 6
Honestly you would do better going to get your personal chart drawn up to see what February has in store for you. You can find this on some websites for free. If you depend on someone to tell you from here you run the risk of sarcastic comments and incorrect information. I have found Susan Miller’s Astrologyzone a good source for general information for what to expect for your sun sign for the month.
Also you may get a lot of copy and paste answers. Just trying to give you a heads up!

Answer by ………………………….
check yahoo horoscopes

astrology zodiac signs horoscopes

trying to find website for horoscope,astrology,zodiac signs…plz help?

it is a website like this one..with alot of the same is……plz dont respond with something stupid..if u dont know its okay..go to the next question..thx…tc

google in horoscope

Answer by golden sindy

astrology zodiac signs horoscopes

Do you believe in zodiac signs?

Why should someone believe in zodiac signs/horoscopes/astrology?

Do you believe in zodiac signs and personality? Like all the Gemini’s, Scorpio, Leo stuff and why? What are your reasons?

Answer by ♞ℛℴℴℊ♞
I dont believe in the Hororscope i think its a bunch of bull.

But the Personality of the sign you where born on is 60% True some of that stuff is actually on point and some of its not.

Answer by innercitychick<3
I dont know why they should , but I’ve just known many people in my life and they do seem like what the horoscopes say about their sign.

Like i am a gemini and I fit it perfectly, although sometimes some things seem a little exaggerated [ like how ALL geminis cheat , have NEVER cheated a day in my life,How all geminis are 2faced, not true here, I have alot of different personalties but i wont smile to you face and talk behind your back. It’s just not me to do that to someone, thats mean]

But yes i do believe in astrology deeply!! (:

Answer by spike
i know that it’s impossible to be real. because the signs go back to the years before christ, and even worse, they weren’t written down until 2400 years ago. Over those 2400 years, the earth has rotated on it’s axis causing the actual dates of events such as holidays and jesus christ’s birthday to actually be off. therefore, every sign is inaccurate by 2-3 weeks, so take your sign and go back one. pisces is aquarius, aquarius is capricorn etc. i dont feel like gettin all scientific right now though. just google “zodiac signs inaccurate.”