astrology signs

Do you think horoscope signs and astrology have a scientific explanation?

Do you have any theories, any at all about horoscope signs having a correlation to a scientific explanation? Or is it all just coincidence..all thoughts welcome.

Answer by Helios
No – all scientists know that astrology is pure bullsh*t – but it’s history is quite interesting. It started sometime in the 2nd Millennium BC. It was a stab at trying to tell the future or trying to get some sort of answer out of god. People have a way of projecting “meaning” into any pattern – like the stars.

Gambling started around this time too for the same purpose. A roll of the ‘bones’ might stand for an answer from god of some question you had. I think they still do this with the I Ching.

The fake-science part of astrology showed up in the last century in order to make astrology look like something besides bullsh*t.

Answer by El Marxista

Mandy, you’re either really young and stupid, or just plain stupid, so which is it?

Answer by Patrick
No, if we found a scientific explanation for astrology, we’d manipulate the mechanism. We’d become Gods. If that ever happens, I’ve got dibs on Jupiter!

This is interesting though. It’s probably the closest thing you’ll find.

There’s a lot in Psychology that isn’t scientific at all. It just seems more reasonable to believe in things like the subconscious.

astrology signs

What astrology signs tend to be the most indecisive?

Answer by Megara
Pisces… no, Virgo… maybe Libra.
Well, I’m an Aquarius…

Answer by ryan
Cancer?no Leo?Sagittarius?maybe it is Cancer?Scorpio?Maybe Aquarius?Leo?……….

Answer by ♏
pisces and taurus

astrology signs

What Astrology sign or signs are the ‘cream in your coffee’ and what signs are like ‘sour milk’ to you? ?

Remember this is in fun…and i am NOT telling anyway …lol~!!! There are NO wrong answers to this question! Have fun and thanks in advance!


Answer by Marsha
Cream: Scorpio and Cancer
Sour milk: Gemini, Aquarius, and Aries

Answer by Elvan S
cream: scorpio, pisces, capricorn
sour milk: aries, gemini, cancer

Answer by echostar
I have a problem with Aquariuses my mother is one and maybe that is why. I drive her around and help her out whenever I can,but sometimes she is so closed minded and stubborn, I could just scream. Aquariuses are humanitarians and she feeds all the strays and has three animals of her own and can barely afford to buy her own groceries. Its great to be a good person and I’m sure that they are wonderful people but I just don’t think like them. I have heard that Aries are the worst sign for me, but I have never met an Aries.

I am a Virgo and I find othe Virgos are attractive to me because they are dirrect and to the point and I know where I stand with them. But I think it would be interesting to be a Sagitarious and be wild and free and they seem like interesting people to me. Although I would never want to be one, but It would be fun to try it out for a day.