astrological signs

Do you think astrological signs really have anything to do with romanece?

Does anyone think compatability can really be affected by your astrological sign? Or is it all a bunch of hogwash?

Answer by s4ndr4j4n4
I don’t think they reveal anything. At some time or other they are bound to relate to someone or other, I personally think they are hogwash, but that’s only my opinion.

Answer by ~KingOFHollywooD~
Theres something with stars and astrology and astronomy. I mean, how did the wise men find baby Jesus? the stars! So ya I def think that something “important” or influential is present with all of that. I wouldnt live your life by it though..

Answer by Everto Lupus
in certain cases it can really be reliable in finding similarities between you and your partner… but like someone just said… dont live your life by it… i got caught up in astrological signs and such in my previous relationship and it lead to a few disputes. seeing as i am pretty much non religious and shes a pretty devout christian it made sense that we disagreed… but again. dont live by it. maybe reference it now and again but dont live by it… im repeating way too much here.

astrological signs
astrological signs

Do animals and plants have astrological signs too?

Like star sign, moon etc.
Maybe everything has astrological signs.

Answer by The First Kevin
ha maybe if you found out at what time they were born….
Also, we are also included in the as animals.

Answer by Amethyst33
Good question. And btw plants do have “feelings” as they have done experiments that prove they have electrical impulses like when they are scared for example. There is some info about this in Linda Goodman’s book “Star Signs” which I love that book.

And I do believe pets too have certain natures due to their date of birth. My mom has a little fox terrier that is an Aries and she, when young, was quite the little pistol. She is 14 years old now I also believe that pets also “progress” (predictive astrology) into the next sign sometime I am not exactly sure of. But she is stubborn as a mule which started several years ago. Which makes me wonder, did she progress into Taurus at some point? Because she will stand firm (all 11 lbs of her) and REFUSE to go. She puts her legs down just like a stubborn bull and she is not moving at all! So I have been wondering if she has progressed into Taurus with all this stubbornness coming out of her at this time.

I don’t know. I’m Aquarius so I tend to believe more readily things that others quickly dismiss. But yes I do believe there is some type of signs for our pets and possibly even plants too. Now that I think about it the almanac always states when it is the best time of the moon to plant certain plants as they do best when planted according to the sign or phase of the moon. So something’s going on there if the almanac is suggesting the best time to plant our food, trees, and flowers too.

I think there is merit in your theory. I for one agree. Hope this is helpful and good luck and bless you too. I wish you well..And the pets and plants too!

Answer by ♌ Drops of Jupiter ♐
IDK maybe,my cat is an Aries lol