Do you really think that people match based on their horoscopes?

Basically, do you really believe that a person’s horoscope says something about them? Or that it’s accurate for the most part?

Personally, I have some doubts about that. I know that they have different horoscopes in China for instance. So I am not sure if those horoscopes even contradict our horoscopes in terms of what they predict or say.

Answer by mePunk
I don’t believe horoscopes–but I think sun signs are accurate (aquarius, leo, blah blah blah)

I think it’d make scientific sense that the time of year that a person is born would affect their personality.

Who knows.

Answer by expecting baby 3
I am a virgo and i am not organized at all. My husband is a Libra. we are supposed to be very incompatible, but have been married for 11 years problem free. I don’t think there is a lot of fact to it.


In the chinese atrology chart i am a monkey and actually do have the personality traits that go along with monkey.

Answer by Anime_Girl_94☆ミ
No you silly goose.

How are the horoscopes pretty accurate ?

when i hav shit days,i always read my horoscopes and they seem really accurate. Whys that ?

Answer by Ruben Medina
That’s just it. Horoscopes are real.

Answer by Nix
It’s not people are just brainwashed into believing this Zodiac b*llcrap as soon as they read up on it. it’s really an Illuminati creation that strips people of their personal uniqueness in exchange for convenient guidelines on how to live their lives. This Zodiac bs is pretty dangerous if you ask me, the worst part is that those that are proud of their sign because there’s a link of unproven compliments associated with it, will lead a better life than those that were given a sign that everyone hates to represent

Answer by Libralicious
Think about it this way.. as we all know the moon controls the tides in the ocean right?
Well according to Astrology the planetary movement doesn’t control us but, it influences our lives in one way or another, whether it be how we are feeling, how we react to something or who we are.

( but never let Astrology make you, you )


Is Horoscopes hey good thing for christian to believe in?

How do christians Feel about horoscopes. If someone believes in horoscopes.

Answer by Jerry

Answer by Royal Racer Hell=Grave ©

Answer by Space Fascinates.
Horoscopes are just as fake as God.