Do you believe there is any validity to Horoscopes ?

In the way of compatibility with another person?… I personally think it’s a foolish way to think about reality to look at the date a person is born and judge them based on that.

What do you think?

Answer by LIve Laugh Love Your Life
some people look towards that because when reading horoscopes and looking at the similarities of a person’s personality compared to what the text says, it then becomes believable… i believe in it to an extent…. a person’s ways come from the way they were raised not when they were born. its strange…

Answer by Magical Purple Sock 🙂
There is some truth to ASTROLOGY ( it’s not called horoscopes ) compatibility. The compatibility goes beyond sun signs. if sun signs are not compatible, then one must not give up hope. There is Venus, Descadent, Mars, Moon, etc. Also, if their Mars is in your 5th/8th house you will have passionate, great sex.

Answer by Jonny Dangerously
there’s a validity in people who use them to make money but it’s just a coincidence if anything comes true as predicted.


What is the best website for FREE weekly horoscopes?

I’d like a site with kinda accurate readings and predictions. Thanks.

Answer by ChainLightninGâ…ś
The best is the weekly ‘scopes from The Onion. Award winning and more accurate than any of the thousands of others. Here are some for the week:

# Aries
You try to be an accepting person, but you still don’t see why some people can’t be a nice, normal gender instead of women.

# Taurus
Turns out that while dogs can’t actually smell fear, they’re really good at smelling who likes to carry bacon around in their pockets.

# Gemini
When you think about it, there’s really only one way to quit your job at the refinery in a way they’ll remember for hundreds of years.

# Cancer
All celestial signs point to you suddenly coming into possession of a great deal of twisted aircraft-grade aluminum, charred wiring, and burning jet fuel, but it’s not what you think.

# Leo
You, your couch, and your TV will be whisked away to a remote island by a wealthy sportsman who has waited all his life to hunt the Least Dangerous Game.

# Virgo
Once again, you’ll be saved from boredom by the fact that matches are often given away for free in establishments that sell alcohol.

# Libra
It’s not wearing a white dress to your third wedding that people will find odd. It’s the blood of your two previous husbands on the veil and train.


What will I do to stop receiving text horoscopes messages in my cingular cellphone?

The Cingular Wireless Co. are charging me for these and I do not want these to happen. Please help. Thanks.

Answer by emil_slm
call your cingular delear and call the horoscope company and tell them your situation and ask them to stop the text horoscopes.

Answer by Illinoismom
I had this happen but with Sprint, what I did was call Sprint up and I told them to put a block on all text messages. You can block just the one if you want all other texts to go through.


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