astrology zodiac signs horoscopes

Do you believe in astrology and the signs of the zodiac?

I’m really interesting in the signs of the zodiac and horoscopes and stuff. What’s funny is my sign describes me to a tee and usually my horoscopes are correct. Does anyone else believe that astrology is true and works?Also, how is the compatibility between a pisces woman and scorpio man?

Answer by Jessee A
Yeah I think that astrology is true.

Answer by Murzy
i don’t believe in it at all

Answer by John G
That the position of the stars and planets on the day and time I was born affects who I am and what happens to me? It’s total BS.

astrology zodiac signs horoscopes

Are the Astrology signs right?

On page186 (chap 19) in Wicked(Pretty little liars 5) by
Sara Shepard there is a section about astrology. It says that the zodiac/horoscope signs are not correct b/c the “zodiac signs were created thousands of years ago and between then and now the earth as slowly moved onto it’s axis. The zodiac constellations and the months in which they appear in the sky are out of synch by one whole astrological sign.” Example:A taurus would be an Aries.

IS THIS TRUE?!?!?!?!?!!?!?! My friend who is a pyscho when it comes to horoscopes needs to know!!!!!! And I would like to know too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer by Miss 6
There is something called Sidereal astrology this is the astrology that has modified the zodiac according to the slant of the Earth.

Answer by poshblond
there are 13 signs- see link- i was born dec 14 so i am actually a serpentaurius

Answer by Magical Purple Sock 🙂
Its controversial.
I hope it isn’t right.
I like my signs the way they are.

What signs are the freaks in the Zodiac???

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Answer by Kat A
I don’t get the question but I don’t think Zodiac means shit.

it doesn’t work.

Answer by raffy_09
Aquariuses. Man, I’m still recovering from the multiple concussions.

Answer by sammy b
Scorpios and Leos