astrology signs

Do you agree with what this says about your physical appearance based on your astrology signs?

The link talks about your appearance based on your Sun sign and your Ascendant (which you can only know if you know your time of birth- find it here:

What are your two signs and do you agree?

Answer by Chae-chan
Huh. Theres some truth. I’m a Pisces by birth (March 17th) and it was sort of true for me. But I’m not plump (I’m a popsicle stick :c) and I’m quiet, and I guess my eyes are nice… green. Lol. But is was spot on for a guy I fawn over. A Scorpio, the perfect match! If only.. 😀

Answer by Phlox Skye

Sun Capricorn and Taurus in Asc with Saturn in 1st house. I am ugly.

Answer by ♌Girl from Jupiter♌
I am a Leo with Sagittarius rising. Yes,I totally agree,I look like a typycal Leo,with hair and everything 😀 but I also have some Sagittarius traits (I am tall,fit,I have oval face and Sagittarius eyes) but I have Leo look definitely ^^ but check your ascedant ruler too,really important

astrology signs

Do astrology signs really play a role in compatibility?

Am really digging this guy I have been going with for 4-5 months. Well, I’m waiting for him. Supposed to have been here over 1 hour ago. So with nothing to do, I look up astrology stuff. He’s a gemini, i am a cancer. Everything I read says we are totally incompatible. It was wierd. Things like… prepare to be stood up… when I’m sitting here waiting. Does anyone think there is anything to this?

Answer by magenta_mika
I used to believe in astrology until experience showed me that it isn’t true. I am a Capricorn and the guy that I really liked was a Taurus. Astrology things said that we were totally compatible and made for each other but we didn’t even end up dating because eventually, we grew so sick of each other. Although we are supposed to be compatible, I just could not even handle him. So do not trust astrology. Do not even waste time worrying about stuff like that. Go with the flow of your relationship, not some made-up astrology website.

Good luck, and hope everything works out!!!

astrology signs

What astrology signs would match the characteristics of Winston Smith from George Orwell’s novel, 1984?

Answer by fire cat
A Cancer with Virgo Rising.