Do people actually believe in horoscopes and zodiac signs?

I mean people act like they are serious about this stuff. They know it’s not real, right?

Answer by Athame57
I wouldn’t bother with newspaper Horoscopes. But your zodiac really does seem to affect you, I’m a typical Aries.

Answer by Olivia A.
I don’t believe in horoscopes predictions and stuff. But the descriptions can be creepily true!! its fascinating!!! Plus not everyone is one sign!!! You have your Sun, moon, rising, venus, mars… and blah blah blah. But real or not it forces you to analyze yourself and the others around you. You can take whatever you want from it, and in the process you can ponder human motivations and very deep physiological ideas!!!

Answer by Gendalf of Tennis
I don’t believe in it, but just for the sake of argument:

You stated in your question “They know it’s not real, right?”
I put forth this statement:
There is no way of proving zodiacs are false and stupid.
But there is no way of proving it works either.

Maybe I should be a lawyer when I grow up!
Nah, I’m going to stick with being a forensic scientist, but I really do like speaking/typing like this. I just imagine myself with a posh British accent saying, “I put forth this argument!”


Horoscopes do you pay much attention to the asteroids like Juno or Pallas?

Why or why not?

I’ve noticed some user’s here don’t use them when they post links to their chart! Personally I do just because I like seeing more Aries on my chart ;P

Aries sun, mercury, venus, lilith, pallas, eros, eris, psyche
Nope, no books on asteroids! I think most astrologers don’t use them cause they can’t agree on how or what to incorporate.

Answer by Queen of the VIRGOS
I know where they are, but I see little value in them. I’d only pay more attention to them if CNN said one of them was hurling towards earth.

**There are plenty of books on asteroids. lol

Answer by ♈ Marilyn ♉ ♓ Born This Way
sometimes i don’t really know what aspects to them are supposed to mean.. and then when you go to ask someone you might get the lecture about how they’re basically irrelevant lol lol jk
i mean it’s interesting especially if you enjoy story telling and mythology cuz, seems like that’s what comes up when you search for it.. some kind of story telling explanation and mythology characters
have you seen any books on aspects to asteroids? maybe somewhere on amazon

Answer by ?


Is it fair to use horoscopes to judge people harshly before getting to know them?

Just because I’m a Taurus with a moon/mars/venus in Pisces, people will assume that I’m a good person, right? But if I say I have feelings for an Aries man with a moon/mars Libra and a venus in Pisces, people will say that he’s a liar and a player…so he’s not good for me, right?
Sun: I understand your sarcasm. Thanks.

Answer by andthentherewasme
Thats very judgmental and not fair at all. That would be like saying that you don’t like someone just because of the color of their skin, or their hair, or their eyes.

Don’t stereotype people. That has caused wars since the beginning of time.

Answer by hardcoredancewithme
No. If you’re into horoscopes and astrology, you have to remember that they are just a rough, general guideline of people. Never let them stop you from getting to know some one, or taking chances with someone.

Answer by Sun
I think it’s totally fair because astrology is very accurate and you can always believe astrology in everywhere on anyone.