Can you single out People who start Thumb Wars in the Horoscopes Section?

For example, if there is a Thumb War in 80% of the questions that I answer, then I must be singled out as guilty for starting a Thumb War.

Do you see what i am trying to say?

Who would you single out for being a Starter of Thumb War in Horoscopes?

Answer by ISABELLE
I do not know you…but sure !!!

People with multiple IDs. Well here one person mostly with various accounts and impersonating others.






http://answers.yahoo.com/my/profile;_ylt=AgGhW_y0FzcS_acnoQSMA6vsy6IX;_ylv=3?show=CWIq3VmWaa (impersonator of mine)








had an awful “L”s..L is for Lunatic..L is for blah blah

They changed to clowns..they just keep changing..a lot have been reported especially the accounts who stole avatars and usernames of other users on here.
tooo long to carry on…close to 120 accounts and most from the same user.

Am keeping the best ones to myself :-))))

Well obviously this one…gives herself BA too…easy to spot. Stole my avatar and other people’s and then changed them…(have photocopies anyway so)

And I can bet my answer will be reported lol 🙂

Why ? no life..seek notoriety on here for lack of real accomplishments in real life…..sick people…bet he/she/they hurt an awful lot inside actually by turning bullies. People who have confidence and are happy really could not care less about points, levels or being “famous” on yahoo answers in my opinion or at least do not try to put other people down.

Answer by Please let the mothership land..
Is that kind of like the War of the Roses?

Thumbs down don’t count for points. People who start calling names are only falling victim to group think and paranoia. While, amusing to most of us to watch, it’s really not productive.

And the world is a bigger place than just here.

*Yes, your answer got reported because it’s a violation and you’re too much of an attention whore to stop harassing me. I come on here to answer question; you come on here to mess with me. Without me, you’re nothing.*

*Even funnier, none of those links are even me….bwahahahaha! Try again, crazy lady!!!

**Oh, Wow…how two faced of you. You care because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t put SO much effort into stalking and talking crap. I’ve been on here forever and your like a little chihuahua snapping at my ankles every time you get a chance, just because I came and stole your attention.
You wrote a lengthy essay about me here.

Your “answer” is just one long whine about how mistreated you are and how terrible I am. Apparently you CARE a LOT….

“oh….poor poor little isabelle…so mistreated….that irish is such a meanie….”

Then you make some lame attempt to insult me using what little you think you know about me from stalking me on the web. Oooooooo….I drink WINE….OMG! Wow! That’s ALL you could come up with……?



Answer by Sarina
Tee – I don’t know you, but if a TD war is started in 80% of the questions you ask, I would say that you are subconsciously inviting such behavior and for some reason, you find pleasure in being part of the action.


How are zodiacs/horoscopes even considered a reliable source?

How do horoscopes/zodiac signs effect anybody? No offense, but does it REALLY matter what zodiac is compatible with another? Why are horoscopes rarely accurate?
I’m not being arrogant or mean. I’m just curious. Why are people getting offended so easily, these days? It’s not like I’m trying to be mean. It’s just a question out of curiosity. Dang….. >:(

Answer by ChainLightninGâ…ś
Questioning this means you will be treated as hostile.

Answer by Deliciously Indigo.
Does it matter? Why question something you don’t believe in? To display false intelligence and arrogance on a subject that you have chosen not to take part in? If you truly want to know, then do your own independent research.

Me too though! I’m seriously curious! Why would you want to know the answer to your question? Because you want to disprove any possibilities, or because you genuinely wish to understand Astrology? Some people like to ask these kind of unanswerable questions to show off their “wit” and to re-tell of things others already know. Your question sounded kind of biased. Doesn’t really look like you want to learn, but rather you want to “enlighten”. And I don’t know, why ARE people getting offended so easily these days…? [:


Do any forum participants believe that horoscopes are useful & incorporate them into their religious worldview?

In various cultures the preparation and use of horoscopes (and astrology in general) is a routine element of the cultures religious worldview. However, today the integration of astrology with religion seems to be less common — but perhaps some R&S members would disagree and could describe examples from their own culture or even their own religious observance. Any details would be appreciated.

Answer by Actual Answer
Actually, my natal horoscope is pretty accurate… likewise for some of my Christian friends, I can’t explain it scientifically other than, maybe gravity patterns?

Answer by Spitfire
I don’t. I think they are too generic.

Answer by Life is a pain but still love it
i read my natal chart (not just my sign) and it described every part of me exactly. but i don’t know if i believe in it though.