astrology horoscopes

Can you believe in astrology but think horoscopes are stupid?

because there is much more to astrology than the sun sign. Horoscopes are stupid because they only give info based on you sun sign, which is shared by millions of other people. But, you whole chart is pretty much unique to you, and maybe only 100 people in the world have your same chart.

Who else thinks this?

Answer by lildevilxxangel
yah i think horoscope are stupid and some of them r NOT true but i like astrology

Answer by skysabloo
I agree. There is a horoscope site that I finally found that seems to be pretty accurate & she does explain not monthly but when it is relevant that you should also check your rising sign & all that good stuff!

Answer by Rae
i think so… horoscopes are based on the movement of planets, which supposedly predicts what is going to happen at a certain time every month. but there is more to astrology than horoscopes. one astrological belief that is actually true (its scientifically proven) is that more crimes are committed on a full moon than any other night. this is because the moon affects the tides, which affect the chemical balances in our brains, which may affect our decisions. so, astrology does have some truth to it, but horoscopes don’t necessarily.

astrology horoscopes

What’s the difference between Astrology & Horoscopes? How can we learn more about Astrology in “Horoscopes”?

Vicky, Yahoo! has provided this forum for people to ask and answer questions from a more personal level. If you don’t know the answer don’t be so eager to get the 2 points. I know how and where to Google.
Thanks Jo, that’s more like it.
Thomas C, that was excellent and awesome. Thanks for taking the time and effort.

Answer by Vicky
1 word- google

Answer by jo
horoscopes are focused mainly on your sun sign, while astrology focuses on all aspects and planets in your birth chart. Horoscopes are for the most part just fun things to do, but they aren’t really that true. we can learn more about astrology in this section, because alot of people know that on here horoscopes are just one part of astrology, or they are just learning it. Its a fascinating and complex subject, astrology is.

Answer by Thomas C
Astrology is the study of the relationship between the movement of planets in the cosmos and effects on earth. If there is no relationship, astrology doesn’t work. If there is, it does.

The word “horoscope” comes from a Greek phrase “horos scopos” that means “watcher of the hour.” It was used to mean the rising degree, or the degree of the sign rising on the eastern horizon at the time of birth in a nativity. As late as the 17th century astrology books used the word “horoscope” to mean the degree on the horizon.

Over time the word “horoscope” came to mean chart, which used to be called a “figure” which was short for “figure of the heavens.” Later on it was called a “map,” or “map of the heavens.” The chart or figure of the heavens is a snapshot of the positions of the planets as seen from the vantage point of the location of the chart at the time the chart was cast. It makes no sense in the original meaning, to call the figure a “horoscope.” But the definitions of words are established by usage so in 2008 and for the foreseeable future, “horoscope” means “chart.”

Charts are cast for births, beginnings of nations, beginnings of sports events, construction of buildings, etc, and for times that we wish to “elect” to start projects or endeavors. They are not limited to births of humans. They are just maps. It is the delineation and understanding of the symbolism that makes the study of astrology what it is. The more charts you read, the better astrologer you’ll be.

If you want to study the subject as history, there are all sorts of good texts available I strongly suggest you read the ones written by people familiar with astrology. Some of the things I’ve read written by academics with little astrology background are horrible and in some cases out and out stupid.

See a starter list below (with comments)

What’s something about astrology/horoscopes you’ve never understood?

Personally, I don’t understand Venus Sign. My dad’s got an exalted Venus. Just like me. And he’s got such bad relationships with people and he’s totally unable to enjoy things unlike me.

Answer by HuuPoo
why i have the need to destroy sag/CAP cusp people. wanna go eat?

Answer by i♥♪♫
The thing i don’t understand about Astrology is why other people i do not believe in it. Or understand it. Like, why?

Answer by iamme
Why it never comes true