astrology signs

Can I get a yoga mat with astrology signs?

I’ve checked the internet and can’t come up with anything.

Answer by Dizzy Dame
I’ve never heard of a yoga mat like that. You might want to look for stickers of astrology signs to put on your yoga mat yourself.

astrology signs

Tell me a bit on my astrology signs? Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Sagittarius, Aquarius rising?

If anyone’s really good at explaining personalities with their astrological signs, could you, with these? Just really curious on how they all mesh together.

Sun: Capricorn
Moon: Sagittarius
Rising: Aquarius

And for some reason or another, I tend to always be attracted to men who are Aries (and occasionally Scorpio), and was wondering if there’s any significance to that.

Thanks. =D

Answer by Clanad
Well, you seem to be a nice and intelligent girl. That being said, you should use that intelligence and get away from this subject that is very inaccurate and extremely generalized.

Mind you, I found it funny that you said that you “tend to always be attracted to men who are Aries (and occasionally Scorpio)”. When I was into astrology I used to always say that I would love to marry an Aries or Scorpio man. We may have unconsciously picked up on the fact that astrology says that they are the most masculine signs, both being ruled by Mars (which in many different ways has been presented as representing men).

Answer by ok
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Answer by GhassanA
The person will have a structured or disciplined inner personality (SUN in CAP), while being optimistic and adventurous (MOON IN SAG). They also probably appear very independent and unique, even perhaps quite quirky on the oustide. (AQU Rising)

astrology signs

What, according to astrology, signs are “made” for each other typically?

Answer by Graybeard
Makes no difference. Astrology is simply a very primitive and very silly superstition. There is no truth to it whatsoever.

Answer by vasuastro
Sign is typical but ppl ar not

Answer by Been There
I’m a retired professional astrologer, and I would like to say that it doesn’t work that way.

Sun-sign astrology is only good for learning the meaning of the signs. REAL individuals have REAL charts, composed of the Sun, the Moon, and the other 8 planets of our solar system. All of these are in particular areas (houses) of the sky, and every chart has “aspects” between these factors. This creates a chart of dynamic, complex groups of psychological interactions, harmony and stress, which is as individual as the person it represents.

Every part of your chart reacts to every part of another person’s chart. For instance, if you are an Aries, which is theoretically “compatible” with Leo, but the Saturn in your chart is in the exact same part of the sky as that other person’s Sun in Leo, that person will find you critical, cold, an oppressive … even though your Sun signs are – theoretically only – compatible. Sun signs are NOT astrology.