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Astrology time zone ?

the time zone for malaysia is +8 but in the astrology software they use -8 can i know why ? i can understand if its +7 or +6 but this is completely different which is -8 ? -8 supposed to represent USA and west right ? +8 and all supposed to represent china and malaysia and all right ? Is the software wrong ?

Answer by Tom
This situation is confusing as both – 8 and + 8 can be correct depending on what you’re doing. Malaysian time is 8 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). So if you subtract 8 hours from Malaysian time, you get GMT. So Malaysian time minus 8 hours = GMT. On the other hand, if you add 8 hours to GMT you get Malaysian time. GMT + 8 hours = Malaysian time. Your astrology software and mine are subtracting the local time to get to GMT, because all the planetary positions etc are calculated for GMT. Your software is fine.

Hope this helps.

Answer by BounceR
Um dude….you have to base them zone zone with 0 deg greenwich and stuff. i read this somwehere so hope you ain’t get mad if I make sum mistake

…. Um, if you “R” west of greenwich, you are plus hours aways cuz the sun ain’t there there and …er…it will take that long b4 it gets there .
….and if you are south and stuff, than it’s minus cuz the sun already past there.

….krappers…hope this makes sense darn it. I aint an astronomer.

astrology zone

Most accurate horoscope, astrology, online magic 8 ball or others.?

Anyone know of an accurate horoscope and/or astrology, especially one in the career department?

I do know of Susan Miller’s monthly astrology zone. Any others?

Answer by 04Solara

Answer by Woe Is Me
I like Peggy Rometo’s horoscope for the week because it seems to be customized for me! Check her out on wowow.

Answer by lala
Thanks Solara its a good site

astrology zone

How do we determine our rising sign (ascendant)? Is it mandatory to consider the time zone difference?

I checked on several astrology websites and I received different results for my rising sign, so I was wondering if taking into account one’s birth place and the time zone difference would make the result more accurate. Thanks a lot!

Answer by leftie1959
Rising sign is determined first, by the time of birth and place of birth. Obviously, the time zone has to be taken in consideration as well as daylight saving time which many forget to take into account. That 1 hr. difference is enough to change your rising sign.

Answer by FOZ
The answer is a definite YES!

The basic formula for figuring the rising sign is that when the Sun is 1st rising, the Sun is the same degree as the rising and the rising sing moves one sign every 2 hours. But this is just the basics, you must figure in your location and time zone, location is the greatest factor.

Answer by Minerva
You really have to know the time to within ten minutes and the exact place to get an accurate result.

For example, my rising sign is Capricorn. If I had been born five minutes earlier, it would be Sagittarius. Big difference. As noted, the rising sign changes every couple of hours.

If you can’t find it within that time frame, don’t even bother with it, but use the aspects and planet/sign placements to figure yourself out.


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