astrology signs

Astrology signs………………..?

does anyone believe in this stuff so much that you actually won’t date anyone you not compatible with by astrology signs. For example, I am Pisces, and I feel like alot of my personality and other traits identify with what Pisces are supposed to be. but i don’t believe it whole heartedly. however, i know alot of people do.

Answer by Jamaree F
I do sneak a peak at them every once in a while but i dont decide my relationships on them….im not that into it

Answer by echostar
I believe you should use astrology as a guide and not go by everything that it says. There are certain things to go by. If you are a domesticated sign like the Cancer or Virgo, you might not want to get yourself a free spirit like the Sagitarius or the Aries. I like to read about people to get an idea what they might be like and then get to know them and see if that is what they are really like. Always use astrology as a guide but dont let it rule your life.

Answer by Flowersinbloom
If I did that I wouldnt have dated an Aquarius for a year and a half…Cancer and Aquarius are totally incompatible…I guess we were but I still love Aquarius men…

astrology signs

Astrology Signs?

I was wondering if there were any other signs for the ‘cancer’ sign other than the ’69’ looking thing and the crab? Anyone know of any?

Answer by LaPalma
pices, scorpio and leo

Answer by Brightside06
I think that’s the only astrological glyph for Cancer (69)…but…hmm, Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon, so maybe you can use that. 🙂

Answer by Kelly
No. I guess you are suck with it. Sorry. Good luck.

astrology signs

What are the real dates for astrology signs?

I’ve heard that the dates in the magazines aren’t the real dates because those dates were from thousands of years ago and the positioning of the planets have changed since then. Is that true? I’ve seen two different lists of dates for astrology signs and I just wanted to know what the real dates were.

Answer by Alythedetective
Well, the dates you see in magazines ae based off of Tropical Astrology….which most people use today. However, Tropical Astrology is no longer aligned with where the planets are now, but a long time ago it was….Now, Sidereal Astrology is aligned with the actual planets, constellations, and stars today….For instance in Tropical Astrology, I’m an Aries because I was born April 7th, but in Sidereal Astrology, I’m a Pisces….I feel more like a Pisces!

You can check out the difference in dates at
Just type in Sidereal Astrology and you’ll get a list for both Tropical and Sidereal Astrology…

Hope this Helps!!!

You should pick which Astrology suits you more, and the one you’re most comfortable using….

Answer by Trinigirl