Are there any free astrology compatibility charts available for couples?

I am a pisces girl and I am interested in a leo boy. will this work? i want to know if our charts show any other compatibilty than just our sun signs. I was born on 28 february 1993 at 12:55. he was born on 8 august 1993.

Answer by YBaHater?
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Answer by Jade
There is no way to do a full computability reading for you two using astrology software. It would be better if you could get his birth time. Also computability readings done by astrology software are unreliable. lets you save natal charts and compare them with one another. You can also read about your love and relationship needss in the various free readings available.

But what I suggest is that you go to an astrology forum where you will find people (usually amateurs and hobbyists) willing to give your chart(s) a free reading. They will do this to practice their astrological knowledge and to help someone interested in astrology. But make sure you give accurate information. Also read the guidelines BEFORE posting. Some astrology forums require that you participate in a few discussions before asking for a reading. (In that way you contribute to the forum, not just benefiting from it.)

Just type “astrology forum”, “astrology message board”, “astrology chat” and so on for keywords in Google or Yahoo.

I also suggest you ask about the “transits” affecting you and him at this time since the transits (current astrological trends) reveal a lot about how the relationship will develop, if at all. As an example: if you meet and get attracted to a man under a Venus-Uranus transit, it will be exciting but once the initial thrill passes, the relationship itself will likely not survive. But if the relationship is influenced by good Saturn aspects (either transit or chart comparison), you may have a stable, long-lasting bond between you.

Are natal chart similarities also a compatibility factor with astrology?

I did one for myself and another and compared the two. Every sign except the sun sign has matched, which i think is pretty cool.

Answer by Rob
Not exactly the same, but they work under the same astrological principles. In fact, natal charts always go hand in hand with so called “compatibility reports”. Basically, the natal chart of your partner (or love interest) will be compared with your natal chart to determine compatibility.

How does the Venus chart work in Astrology?

I saw a page on the internet talking about something called a Venus Chart? And it said that it is much more accurate on Zodiac sign compatibility than using a persons sun signs. Has anyone else heard of this and know how it works?

Answer by Baby’s Mama! 😛
Hey John.

I don’t think they meant ‘chart’, I think they meant ‘aspect’.

Venus in the chart can tell a person how they love. For men, where Venus is located (what sign) can be a good indicator of what type of personality he likes in a female or the opposite sex. (Mars for women will tell what type of guy she’s into.)

Wherever Venus sits in a chart, it brings beauty and charm. It definitely can soften up the harder aspects of s sign, so it’s best when it falls into an Earth or Air sign or in a house that reflects on self or others, like the 1st, 5th, 7th and 10th. .


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