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Are our astrology signs really a determine factor of our personalities?

I agree with most of the traits I have (i’m a taurus) and I also find it interesting that most of them are accurate when it comes to my friends and loved ones. However I find it hard to believe that ALL Taurus and ALL aries…etc would posses same characteristics. Don’t our surrounding and upbringing also shape our personalities more so than out zodiac sign?

Answer by J€§§|€
The way a person is raised by their parents (or grandparents, aunt, uncle, etc), and the environment he or she grows up in usually determines the personality first and foremost. However, I do agree with the fact that astrological data (and Chinese astrology) helps determine our personality as well. I’ve read that some parts of the bible make references to astrology by saying that we’re influenced by the stars. I know I may get debunked by some, but that’s what I’ve researched.

Answer by itsmeagian
They might posses some of the same characteristics of their sun sign, but you have to look at their whole chart, sun, moon, rising, mercury, mars, venus, etc..etc. to really know them. You can’t just base this off of their sun sign.

The atmosphere in which someone was raised also plays a part in how someone behaves and reacts to certain situations. Astrology is like a guide, you still have free will and if you find negative aspects in your chart, you have the power and free will to change the things that are negative and turn them into a positive.

astrology signs

What are your favourite kinds of Movies and what are your Astrology Signs?

I am a Virgo/Aries/Cancer & this is a for instance btw……My favourite are Romantic Comedies, Suspence Psycho Thrillers (But no blood please….), Some incredibly Mindless Films as well and I adore Epic Films over all!
How about you?


Answer by Arabi
The only kind of movies I like are Disney Movies and my sign is Cancer.

Answer by ƒσx Đιяτ-βικιŋğ ğιяι
i like comedies and romances and actions

i am a libra

some of my fav. movies are twlight, another cinderella sotry and journey to the center of the earth.

Answer by Carolyn C
Swords and Wizards and Dragon type movies. I’m a full blooded Pisces.

astrology signs

What re your favourite Holidays and what are your Astrology signs?

Please feel to be as detailed as you like!

Thanks in Advance!


Answer by Nikkii
Halloween and Aries

Answer by rebecca g
Easter and pisces

Answer by Arabi
My favorite holidays are Christmas and Eid. Eid is a muslim culture celebration. I m muslim. Oh!! my sign is cancer. Thanks.