Are most of the horoscopes we read actually based on the alignment of the stars?

And if not, are they supposed to be, and how do I predict a true horoscope with my telescope based on the star’s alignment. Thanks!

Answer by Joseph the Second
-Far as I Know… What ELSE could They be Based upon ??


How seriously do you take horoscopes?

In my opinion, horoscopes are just a fun way of seeing if you are like what websites, newspapers, etc. say.
I don’t think it should be taken very seriously though.
What do you think?

Answer by Ooh piece of candy!
Me too. I think the same way.

Answer by Kelly
they r just for fun….

Answer by Sam
I think your cat looks like cotton wool


how to write fun, fake horoscopes for a school newspaper?

i need some ideas on how to write fun, humorous, non-offending, COMPLETELY FAKE horoscopes that are just fun to write and read but have nothing to do with religion or astrology. such as, Leo: eat an apple today or something your not allergic to. like that!

Answer by lopsided lemurs rock
never do that cause some people may take it too seriously

Answer by Thomas H
go on bored.com there is a ake horoscope maker idk how good it is but its what you looking for and its the only one i know about good luck!

Answer by kaci_mike
say stuff like if you do this, your week will be more exciting, or if this happens rub a banana peel on each elbow, just have fun with it