Poll: Do you feel horoscopes tell you a lot about someone?

I heard some people talking about horoscopes today and they were convinced it’s the moon, stars, planet alignment or something that made someone a certain way. I checked out the horoscope category to find the same going on there too.

Answer by FRATH™ *3rd account*

Answer by ♥Divya♥
no i actually don’t believe in all dis stuffs…..coz everything is inevitable..wat say?

Answer by that girl in the converse ♥
im not sure. i have read my horoscopes before and theyve been really accurate, but horoscopes are also written to be very vague so that they can apply to more than one person

Why is Horoscopes in the Entertainment section?

…on yahoo. Why is this category not in the Religion and Spirituality category? Does this mean that Horoscopes are not real and only meant to be Entertainment?

Answer by Kris
Uhh YEAH. Horoscopes are pure entertainment. Sometimes they can be dead on and sometimes totally off. It’s just something fun to look at and not to be taken too seriously. 🙂

Answer by silvertatt
Horoscopes are only entertainment. They are not scientific. They are pretty much nonsense.

Answer by Left-T …
It would be better in the Religion & Spirituality section but I guess they consider this more amusing than true.


Can any indian astrologers help me with compatibility of horoscopes?

time:12:47 pm

time: 7:45 am

Match these horoscopes please 🙁 I would really appreciate your answers.

Answer by Neerav
search for free kundli matching or gun milap on google. ganeshspeaks.com does it for free.