astrology signs

Needs a good website for the new astrology signs of 2011.?

Needs a website that tells the traits of the astrology signs even the new 13th one. Like a website where is can tell me what signs are compatible and waht ones aren’t.

Answer by Bikini
They have not changed, read this article please.

Answer by Heroes Fan
well the signs only apply to ppl that were born in 2009 everyone else keeps the old ones

Answer by what123
The “zodiac sign change” is only referring to Sidereal astrology, a different type of zodiac that only people who live in the Eastern hemisphere follow. We follow tropical astrology (if you live in the western hemisphere), which is more accurate πŸ™‚

First of all, Sidereal zodiac is based on constellations and astronomy, which i think is flawed, astronomy and astrology are two different things that shouldn’t go together. Notice that the guy who came up with this stuff was an ASTRONOMER, not an astrologer. Two different things with different sets of rules.

You’re still the SAME SIGN.

This doesn’t change anything really, people who follow Sidereal zodiac have known this for thousands of years too.

How can I stop thinking about astrology & zodiac signs so much?

This is no joke–I think I’m starting to lose it.
Lately, I’ve been thinking about astrology when I do stuff that is totally unrelated. Like many times when I watch sports games, I find myself thinking about astrology and zodiac signs. I find myself wondering the zodiac signs of the players & fans in the audience, and it’s driving me nuts! I want to put an end to this. Any suggestions?

Answer by Red Lips
Start to believe its all Bologna.

whats your sign???

Answer by Snook
Expose yourself to mustard gas for about 20 minutes and you should forget astrology, your surroundings, and even who you are if you’re lucky.

Answer by ψ Diablo ψ
You join the Mythology section.

if you could switch astrology signs for one month, which sign would you switch to and why?

end it with your own astrology sign.

Answer by thinNtall
Aries or Leo sun sign.

I’m a Sadge and would still go w. a Fire sign πŸ™‚

Answer by β™’/β™Ž/β™Š
For the next month, Virgo or Capricorn. I’ve got exams and tons of final projects coming up.

Answer by Aquatic_Hope
I would love to be a Capricorn
Why? In my experience, they usually have
no problem sticking up for themselves, being aggressive.

I am usually so sensitive and quite, and I can never say NO to people, so I’d
Want to have a backbone for a month.