Notice that the cheater’s gender is very significant! For instance, the male cheaters often come under the signs of Pisces, Aquarius, and Cancer. Otherwise, the men who are least likely to deceive are born under the Scorpio, Libra, and Sagittarius. Differently, the female cheaters are often known as Gemini, Aries, and Virgo. In contrast, the ladies who are faithful and loyal in nature include Libra, Taurus, and Scorpio. Does it make sense? You may have your own evaluation over the Zodiac signs’ level of faithfulness. Hence, the following analysis over the most unfaithful Zodiac signs is only for reference!

Gemini – The Wittiest Cheater
Most Unfaithful Zodiac Signs

Those born in Gemini are famous for their wittiness and free will. As the typical airy sign, the Gemini natives have the tendency to deceive others with the words of comfort and gossips. The sign of Twins are most likely to alter the truths to make them beneficial with the utmost profits. Most of the time, the Gemini turns to be untrustworthy in the talkative demeanor. They talk a lot, but most of their words are inconsistent. However, as Gemini usually has no negative intention to tell the untrue things, be tolerated to treat them in some less serious cases.

Instead of transferring the truths or secrets originally, the Gemini individuals tend to add many spices into their statements. What is their purpose? Definitely, it is not for money or fame. What they want is to create the intimate conversation with lots of fun and laughter by the intellectual cheating.

Aries – Cheat To Gain Credits

Aries is known as the second most unfaithful sign that gives others the lie whenever it feels like. Belonging to the amusement-oriented character, the Arians want to gain attention from the others. Hence, they fill their own attraction and ego with the lies and untrue pieces.

With their hard work and ambitions, the Rams prefer to cheat others to gain credits for their achievements. Hence, it is normal to witness the Aries colleague flying around the boss to gain his appreciation. For most cases, it is OK to make the sounds of deceitful words in the impressive demeanor. Normally, the Arians’ aim is to be recognized as the outstandingly hardworking characters.

Leo – Cheat To Be the Centre of the Universe

Naturally, the Leos have the high self-esteem and big honor. Hence, they always strive to be the centre of the universe with the restless attraction. In that sense, they are willing to cheat and lie about their capacity, fame, or skills. As they can do everything to be realized as the central spot, the Lions tend to put themselves in the pioneering position in every context. For instance, a Leo guy can tell that he is the first one that owns the most expensive smartphone among the circle of peers. In fact, he hasn’t earned enough money to purchase such the luxurious item yet. Don’t misunderstand that the Lion guys can protect you emotionally. Conversely, they prefer to play with your vulnerability and bully it for fun.

Pisces – Cheat for Emotional Profits

With the “fragile” appearance, it is hard to believe that Pisces is the fourth most unfaithful Zodiac sign. In reality, the Pisceans are ready to cheat you as long as such the deceitful act can bring lots of profits to them. In addition, the Watery sign is easy to get jealous with the immense possession. Hence, the female Pisceans are not reluctant to lie to earn sympathy from their partners even though they are no longer in love. To deal with the puzzle of self-jealousy, the sign of Fish usually lies to make others feel jealous instead by the words of untruths.

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