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moon signs and health astrology?

i read in a recent post regarding sun signs and what body parts they rule that you shouldn’t have surgery done on a certain part of your body depnending on your moon sign, is this really true? my moon is in tarus so i should avoid surgery in the neck area… can someone explain why this is? and why does it pertain to surgery? is there anything else important that i should probably know with regard to health aspect of astrology?

Answer by omgosh2008
this simply explains that your bound to have issues with your neck and if you ever need surgery on it, just don’t do it when the moon is currently in taurus cuz it could make matters worse. For ex: the next time the moon is in taurus is this friday (7/25/08) til sometime on sunday (7/27).

With regards to the other signs and body parts, just don’t have surgery on the body parts which the current moon sign rules.

in astrology, are the moon signs as important for compatibility as some suggest? Thanks?

Answer by ZahirJ
There’s a word for that. The word is superstition.

Answer by Stephen
I don’t think it is as important but it is still relevant. Your sun sign often shows your outer personality that everyone sees. Your moon sign is more of your inner workings. If it is of a concern or interest you might want to do a full chart on you and the other person and look them over together, this will give you both a good idea of what the others weaknesses might be and how you can work together to deal with them. If you are looking for a good beginner book for this you might want to check the link below.

Answer by cj
Yes. The moon shows your emotions. This is how you understand, express and feel about emotions. It is important in order for a relationship to last that 2 people have compatible areas of emotions. This is so that they can understand each other, how each other feels, and how each other expresses their emotions and are not unintentionally hurting each others just because they do not understand how the other feels.

What’s your favorite ancient civilization? Leave Sun/Moon/Mercury Astrology signs?

Spartans for me.

Answer by Matthew Teti

Answer by Lil Monroe
Ancient Egyptians.
or The Mayans.


Answer by KatsMagicMushroom