Ladies of Horoscopes: What are your experiences with dating Gemini men?

Details are always a plus 🙂

What’s your Sun, Moon, Ascendant and Venus?

Answer by Introverted Girl
They are a big joke. Definately children of the air element. Such babies, ugh. They make good friends, and even best friends when I don’t see them all the time (1-3 weeks of not seeing them is great!)
But I’m sorry, I cannot date Gemini. Too unstable, and inconsistent. Big babies, I am not and will never coddle a baby. Also, from my experience they are very possessive and jealous people. Huge turn off. They also can’t stand that I’m not affectionate with them, hm I wonder why. Maybe if you quit smothering me I would?

Answer by Istis
The great conversations and heated debates were stimulating & I like how they never get down easily or stay down for long. Some things were great, some werent.

They didn’t take sex as seriously as a “transcending” act like me.
said it was “something you just do, like a hobby”
not for meh, i need emotional intensity.

Answer by Meg
They’re no good if you want something serious… great for a fling. They are fun and very charming, but they’ll lie right to your face and not think anything of it.

Sagittarius Sun
Pisces Moon
Aquarius Rising
Sagittarius Venus


What are some websites that actually have true Horoscopes?

Just wanted to know . Thanks .

Answer by iTroll
I would say, Russell Grant. He’s usually right, but he only produces one Decan forecast per Star Sign which it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for all everyone born in that time period (All three Decans), usually it’s just aimed at one Decan who is showing the most information, which is often mislead and leads to negativity and scepticism. 

Basically, the Astrologer won’t make as much money if one Decan’s forecast is produced – it could be that a certain Decans forecast has shown up several times in a row and left out the other two – or their a complete utter fake bullshitting Astrologer, so they tend to set it for the whole three Decans, which is why for some people’s forecast isn’t true and for others it’s spot on.

You might find his forecasts on other sites too, such as MSN Horoscopes.

Answer by Phil Johnson

Answer by chainlightning⅜
The Onion’s award winning horoscopes are the only ones I read. They are the most accurate that can be found out of the thousands to choose from. Here are some for the week:

# Cancer Ultimately there will be nothing your friends can do for you, putting you in the position of having to find more competent friends.

# Leo The stars say that this week will be a time of reflective contemplation, so postpone your plans to rollerskate around naked except for the gas mask.

# Virgo Just when all hope is gone, you will find a secret stash of Oreos that actually makes up for quite a lot.

# Libra You’re through giving advice to people, to the vast relief of the park rangers tasked with pulling their charred husks out of the volcanoes.

# Scorpio You’ll lose both legs in a railroad accident next month, but luckily they’ll only be prosthetic replacements for the ones you’ll lose at the zoo this Thursday.

# Sagittarius No one will be able to figure out your enigmatic last words, and the fact that you’ll live in silence for three more years after uttering them makes that somehow cooler.

# Capricorn After becoming a routine victim of bedbugs, you’ll make history as the world’s first victim of chair-, wall-, and all-over-the-catbugs.

# Aquarius It comes down to whether or not you can play an instrument or drive stick, but no, you won’t get the girl this time, either.

# Pisces You’ve always said that if you were king, you’d make college free, but there won’t be time between your coronation, the palace coup, and the beheading.