Ladies of Horoscopes: Are you traditional or feminist in your thinking?

Do you believe in traditional male/female roles? Do you believe that anything a man can do, a woman can do as well?

BQ: Do you believe women belong in the Military? (my hubby is in the Military and this is a long standing debate so I’m wondering what others think).

Your thoughts and any explanations welcome 🙂

Please list your 7th House, Moon and Venus signs.

Answer by ♥♥•♪♫•☆Sasha•☆♪♫•♥♥
I stand up for both woman and men I thiink its unfair for a person to stand up for only one gender its mean cruel and unfair

I think a woman can do what a man can do and a man can do what a woman can do
but really does it even matter

Woman and Men belong in the millitary I think it is great to have someone stand up for are country and fight for justice


Answer by War
I understand there are some things a man can do better than a woman PHYSICALLY, because men generally are larger, faster, and stronger. However, I definitely do not believe in the traditional role of a woman staying home & the man working. I’ve noticed that those traditional roles, especially with children involved often leaves the woman trapped in an unhappy marriage that they can’t leave because of money, children, loss of security. The
husbands often hold the fact that they make all the money over the womans head. There are disputes over who works harder, who does nothing etc. There is a lack of mutual respect. Maybe that’s because all of the married couples I’ve observed are around my age, and got married very, very young (18-22). I think the woman should have her OWN career, own money, and therefore the respect and power over her life that she deserves. Household duties should be shared between the married couple. I think women should stay home to raise their kids until they are school aged, at the maximum. Marriage should be based on mutual love and respect, not sexual inequality.

As for the military, i feel women should be in it. There are many non-physical supportive roles that can be filled. But when it comes to combat, women are inferior in strength.

7th house -Gemini
Venus – Cancer

Answer by Losing Is Not An Option
you decide
i am traditional in thinking that:
-a married woman can make or break her home
-a single woman should have standards and never lower them just to get a man
-a woman who can’t be alone is a danger to herself and others
-a mother should put her kids first
-a woman who is lazy at home will have a lot of problems
-a woman who doesn’t make her husband feel like a man will have problems
-a man only goes as far as a woman lets him go, if she doesn’t respect herself he won’t either

i am feminist in thinking that:
-if a woman has no kids she should work
-and even if she does, if they are at school and she can work she should work
-a woman should be educated/prepared enough to be able to sustain the home alone in case the husband loses his job, gets disabled, gets sick, leaves, or dies
-a woman can be more than a mother and wife
-yes a woman can do anything a man can do, if she wants to be in the military let her
-a woman should have interests outside her relationship and children
-a woman should expect only the consequences of her choices
-a woman should learn to defend herself and not have to rely on a man if she is attacked
-a woman should never have to live in fear, want, or weakness, all she has to do is do what it takes to live a life free of all that garbage


Does anyone actually use Horoscopes in serious decision-making?

It’d be helpful to know where you come from (state within the US or other country). Not trolling here, just curious to see if people believe in their horoscopes and take them seriously.


Answer by What happened

Answer by Cookie
No I barely read them

Answer by l’ɱ βіttɛʀ§ωɛɛt♥ ™
I don’t use them to control my life but they can be helpful, they just make me be aware of things but I don’t use it to control my choices or who I should not form a relationship with because come on, thats stupid.


Why do daily horoscopes for the same sign say different things?

Like for an Aries one daily horoscope would say “Aries, you are going to receive lots of money today and be out all day having fun” and then another will say “Aries, you should stay in the house today and relax because you may be feeling a little bit on the down side.”

Answer by Angel
Because their fake

Answer by .
Because horoscopes are bu11sh1t.

Answer by Nate
Because its cockameimi