Is there any intelligent questions and answers in the yahoo horoscopes these days?

Haven’t read them for a while but they look basically the same. 10 points for one that will make me lmao!

Answer by Susan
yeah your question isn’t helping much either .

Answer by Kissyluv
no there aren’t any intelligent questions on yahoo!
That is why we are on yahoo it is fun to answer stupidity than to answer the hard one dude!

Answer by NUPAKRY
You may find hereafter!!!!


What’s a horoscope site that has some really legit daily horoscopes?

If youre gonna comment saying horoscopes aren’t for real & such, dont comment! I really dont care about your opinion unless youre answering my question!

Answer by guvusto™
Astrology isn’t real. If you look at horoscopes you can pretty much tell that they are complete nonsense. They tend to be vague in order for people to believe them. I recommend you learn some astronomy instead.

If you still want your horoscope then just google the word horoscope.

Edit: If you want a better answer the you should have posted this on the astrology or horoscope section. Right?

Answer by Ivanka Gates
I remember there is an area and a link within Freenewspaper.Org for horoscopes.
Try it.


Why do people make horoscopes such a big deal?

I’m a scorpio and I am NOTHING like the description… and then some people go and judge you on your horoscopes! A scorpio is apparently “mean,” “antisocial,” and “mysterious” … I’m anything but that! I’m nice, really social, and i wear my heart on my sleeve! I get really annoyed when people judge me on being a scorpio. So, why do people make horoscopes such a big deal?

Answer by PJ-
Because people don’t want to be held accountable for their own actions.

Answer by Beautiful
You are not well educated on how astrology really works, There are so many things to be aware of when getting technical on astrology, Placements/Aspects/Houses/Degrees/Decans but even judging a person by placement is ridiculous. The most important thing is Aspects and Houses, aspects is the most actuate than sun sign alone or placements. Still people should have a line division on reality and astrology.

I don’t take astrology serious, i think people who judge people and go see a astrology reader/physic are ridiculously delusional, I think most people who believe in astrology don’t know themselves and others so they need a guide line to help them out. The world is base by science and people are base on Genetic and physiologically/environmental. I only study astrology for fun when am on the computer and also because i have to learn everything, am a mental learner i can’t help it lol.

Answer by orionscion88
Why don’t you ask you’re worst enemy what they think of you? Of course you don’t think you are lol. I think horoscopes can be a general guideline, waay too coincidental in my experience to not believe in any of it. That and I had an awesome psychic experience so my mind is pretty open