Is there any good website for horoscopes for teens?

I’m looking for a website that has very accurate horoscopes for teens.

Answer by Lauren


Where can I find horoscopes for the New Zodiac 2011?

Yes, I believe in the change. . .It makes sense to me! Though I loved being a Libra, I see why I am a Virgo! So please, anyone. . .Is there any place on-line I can find horoscopes related to the new zodiac or do I go by the usual Virgo horoscopes?

Answer by Blue
I’m not into that stuff but just google these things!!!!!!!!!!!


have a look at that

Answer by Ashley D

i am getting tired of typing this

No, your zodiac sign hasn't changed

there are two types of astrology, western and sidereal. both have been around for quite some time. western has 12 signs, sidereal has 13. the “new” sign only applies to sidereal, and it isnt even new. it has been acknowledged for a number of years now. i have known about it since at least 2006 when i bought a number of astrology books, and all of them had chapters on sidereal and mention the 13th sign.

the ONLY way the 13th sign will EVER have ANY bearing on your life is if you choose to believe sidereal over western astrology. babies born after 2009 will have the same signs as those born before 2009. it is NOT a new concept, no ones sign has changed, and babies born 20 years from now will still have the same signs available as those born twenty years ago.

the only reason everyone is so confused is because the news article that started all of this did not bother to point out that there are two types of astrology, and made it sound like the 13th sign was discovered yesterday. in reality, sidereal has been around for ages, and the concept of this 13th sign has been well known for YEARS by people who pay any actual attention to astrology

Answer by finefrenzy
google.com bunny.


did the first journalist who started publishing horoscopes make up the whole story to get high sales?

for his newspapers?
what is the real story hidden behind horoscopes ?

Answer by ďăġğēř aka KILLER
no. he genuinely wanted to help people..

Answer by Aya ~ {Love and peas!} Lovin’ baby
It wasn’t a journalist, it was an astrologer. His name was R.H. Naylor. Princess Margaret was just born, and the editor of a newspaper wanted something on her, but from a different angle and for some reason only known to him, he decided to give it and Astrological angle. R.H. Naylor was the second choice, but the article he wrote was so popular, that he was prompted to write more.

In case you don’t know when princess Margaret was born, that was in 1930. That’s when popular Astrology (or Sun Sign Astrology, or the “Horoscopes”) came to be. First he wrote articles only directed to people born in the week of the published article, eventually it grew into what we know now as horoscopes. Those, as we know them now, have existed since 1935.

Nowadays those horoscopes are largely made up on the spot, based on the typical characteristics of the sun signs and the situations they are most likely to find themselves in, or based on the movements of the planets during that week/day (depending on which paper you read) in comparison to where the sun would have been in the month of your birthday.